Month: June 2011

Cloud lamps……….

These beautiful cloud lights were created by Zhao Liping . Its fair to say we love anything with clouds influencing the design here at French blossom. The soft shapes in these dreamy cloud lights are really inspiring and would look great in any room!!

You will be able to find many other cloud inspired designs, decor and toys when we launch , so be patient a little longer.

Cherry Cheesecake…………

Homemade cherry cheesecake, yummy!! The cherries were straight from Lisa’s garden and tasted delicious. I tried to photograph the slice of cheescake intact but the urge to take a bite was too great.

Apple Pie is a wonderful little restaurant/tea house in Rennes, France.
With the menu always changing this is the perfect place to stop for lunch or for afternoon tea and cake.

All the dishes are homemade from Organic ingredients and with seasonal produce either from their farm or other local farmers.
Even the bread is homemade on their farm using their own wheat. Apple Pie is a great place to visit if you ever find yourself in Rennes, Brittany.

"Dreams of Flying" – Jan von Holleben

Just discovered this series of photos called “Dreams of Flying” by photographer Jan von Holleben.
They feature the photographer’s children lying on the ground in playful situations.
It’s artistic, fun and so beautiful!

Albert et Henriette

Summer officially started yesterday but most of us here in France are still waiting for our dose of sunshine and warmth. We are sooooo desperate for the rain to stop and the sun to shine!

One way of brightening my day was by visiting Ledansla, one of my favourite blogs. On a daily basis, Aurélie shares with her readers gorgeous imagery of flowers and simple moments. Aurélie recently embarked on a new project by launching Albert et Henriette, – a handcrafted leather shoe label for women and children.

It’s fair to say that I literally fell in love for her shoes. They are so beautiful, unique and full of charm.

Aren’t they just lovely ? More here and here.

'Fête de la Musique'….. celebration of music through France

Last night the air was full of music right across France. ‘Fête de la Musique’ is an annual celebration marking the first day of summer. All day towns and cities across the country, people busily assembled sound systems and stages in open squares and on street corners.

This is a festival for all musicians, professional and amateur alike- Improvised jamming sessions between musicians to more established groups. It’s amazing to experience!

Crowds gather and party throughout the night and into the early hours savouring the great array of musical talent. It’s a wonderful night for music lovers!!

Beautiful Bordeaux…….

The last few days were spent in Bordeaux, a beautiful city in the South West of France. Celebrated throughout the world as the wine capital, Bordeaux offers much more than just wine! The historical parts of the city are a UNESCO World heritage site and the architecture and harmonious urban design is striking.

You can spend days getting lost, wandering through the beautiful old cobbled streets, discovering the restaurants, cafes, open squares, markets and the many delightful charms the city has to offer. We did over indulge on delicious French cuisine and some great wine!!

As well as exploring the city on foot and by tram we spent a great deal of time with creators and designers that we hope to work with in ‘Curious and’. Their stories and inspirations were very interesting and capped off a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Bordeaux!

Highly recommend a trip to Bordeaux!

MILK Magazine

Milk Magazine  french childrens fashion magazine

The Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 edition of MILK Magazine is now out in shops! This beautiful French magazine (written in both English and French) showcases some of the most stylish and creative children’s clothing brands.

Exciting new designers and more established brands display their creations side by side in this quarterly issue magazine. (There are also supplementary Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter editions highlighting upcoming new collections)

Gorgeous photography runs right through this magazine and wonderfully highlights the chic and stylish clothing collections for children.

We just bought our copy!

Memi the Rainbow…… Beautiful handmade creations

The Curious and Cute Stamp

Over the last few days, we were thinking how fun it would be to create our own business stamp for the Curious & Cute stationary – but how could we design something a bit different ?!
A boring, standard office stamp in our minds just wouldn’t cut the mustard as we were really searching for something more creative to reflect the nature of our business.

Luckily for us, we stumbled upon the beautiful ‘Memi The Rainbow blog’. – A blog set up by Patricia, an Italian student living in Paris.

Patricia has a real passion for crafting and finds much of her inspiration in the City of Lights (Paris).
Patricia’s blog showcases many of her beautiful handmade creations and her handmade stamps. Our unique stamp was reasonably priced and arrived quickly, beautifully packaged and with clear instructions on how to look after it.

Gracie mille Patricia for the beautiful stamp you created for us, we are delighted with the result!

Strawberry tart delight!

This little Tarte aux Fraises (strawberry tart in English) was just delicious. Topped off with red currants and sweet Fresh strawberry slices, it was the perfect way to finish a hard days work. Bakeries right across France create these little bite sized delights with such care and attention, its hard to resist !