Month: June 2011

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The adventure begins here!

Bonjour ….

This is our first blog post at French Blossom, a blog created by Curious and or on a more personal level Meriem and Nicholas. We are very excited to have this opportunity to record and share all our inspirations, discoveries and observations from around France and further afield. – Design, architecture, photography, food and travel are just some of the things close to our heart.

Although we will draw on many of our daily findings, the French Blossom blog will revolve around the wonderful celebration of French fashion, accessories and design for children. The best of this fashion will also be found on our French website
We really hope that you will enjoy our blog and following us on our adventure which begins right here !!

A big thank you must go to our friend Snorri V for all the help and patience he showed as we created and developed this blog. We really appreciate your kindness. Merci Beaucoup! Thank You!!