Month: August 2011

Eiffel Tower Lightening, Paris……………….

eiffel tower, paris, lightening

I have been to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower several times and the views across the city are remarkable. I am really happy however i was not up the tower when the lightening struck in this photo. Photographer Bertrand Kulik shot this once in a lifetime photo last year and it recently appeared in a French magazine. I discovered the photo in the Telegraph newspaper.

Its such a powerful image we had to share it with you on our french blossom blog.


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The Igrobot grass head………………..

grass head robot

I remember many years ago when I was in school we had a project to grow grass out of an old egg shell. Its fascinating when you are young to eagerly wait for the seeds to germinate and grow vigorously giving the egg a nice head of green hair.

The company ‘Noted*’ has taken this concept of growing grass and created the Igrobot. A chic and stylish, white glazed ceramic robots stand 10cm tall and look just great sprouting lots of spiky green hair. These robots would make a great gift for children but would look equally as good standing guard on your office desk.

For those of us more adventurous you can style and cut the grass into different shapes giving the Igrobot unusual and fun haircuts.


Say something nice………….

We just love the latest mission by ‘Improv Everywhere’. They describe themselves as pranksters on a mission to bring joy and happiness to public places. They certainly always seem to leave us with great big smiles on our faces here at the French blossom blog.

We thought we would share with you their video, filmed when they set up a lectern and megaphone and allow New Yorkers to say something nice and bring joy to others around them. We only realized ‘Impov Everywhere’ had carried out this latest mission as we stumbled upon it at ‘Color me Katie‘s blog.

Keep smiling everyone!

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Milk Magazine Autumn/Winter edition…………..

Milk Magazine

We just got our copy of Milk Magazine. This Autumn issue is jam packed with beautiful clothing for back to school and for colder weather. – Yes the fleeting summer has come and gone in a flash and hats and coats and jumpers are back. There are wonderful inspiring looks and a rich variety of textures and fabrics to discover. Aubergine and Mustard are certainly colours for this season and many labels are using them in their collections.

Source of photos: Milk Magazine

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Paris in a box by Muji………….

Paris in a box muji

This isnt exactly new from MUJI but we love their ‘city in a box range’ here at the French Blossom Blog. The little shapes cut from wood are a great gift for children and adults alike.
Paris is obviously our favourite city in the collection. Distinctive building such as the Eiffel tower, Sacré Coeur and Arc de Triomphe have been carved out of wood and come in a box which also includes a canvas bag to keep all the pieces nicely together. – Great gift idea!


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Hello everyone!

We have not disappeared as some of our lovely blog followers thought! -Why have we not posted anything for over a week?, I hear you ask. We have been extremely busy working away on our website due to launch in the next few weeks plus we took a few days holiday in the UK away from all computers!

This break did us wonders and we are back in France with a reinvigorated enthusiasm and lots of ideas for our website.

You might have also noticed a few changes to our blog recently!! We have decided to change the name of our children’s clothing and accessories website to French from the original Curious and Cute and our blog has now taken the name We have a nice new shiny header and are really excited about our progress developing the website.

We spoke to many of our followers and conducted some small surveys only to discover most people thought the name French Blossom as our website name was actually more chic and elegant than Curious and Cute so we boldly took the decision and changed the name.

So from now on you can find the french blossom blog right here. We will update you on our trip to the UK over the next few days,

Nick and Meriem

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Happy Friday from French Blossom…………………

Happy Friday everyone! We just thought it would be nice to round off the week with lovely animation of love in Paris.

Entitled ‘A Quoi Ça Sert L’Amour?’ or in English,- ‘What is love for?’ The original song by Famous French singers Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo’s has been beautifully worked in an animation by Louis Clichy.

We met in Paris and love the city very much, the animation brings back many wonderful memories of places we know very well. Hope you like the animation as much as we did!

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M & G's Magical Worlds………………..

M&g by Marion

The delicate, soft, dreamy world of Marion’s bubble creations has captivated me for quite sometime. Today was about time that I wrote this post and shared with you her very unique room decorations.

These poetic and magical creations are handmade in France by Marion. – Model animals, transparency, lightness and a touch of magic are at the heart of each composition.

They would look just beautiful to decorate any room!

I am excited to discover her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and will keep you posted here at French Blossom.

Find out more about M&G’s here!
Source of photos

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Sweet Summer Strawberries……………….

Sweet summer strawberries

Early evening sun was shining through the trees yesterday and the strawberries were ready to pick. You can’t compare home grown strawberries to those you buy in the shop; they taste much better when you grow them yourself!

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PLOC Magazine for children

Kids French Magazine

Wonderful illustrations and bright, vibrant colours. – The first edition of PLOC Magazine arrived in our office last week.
This magazine for children is packed full of fun games, inspiring images, things to discover and ways to learn.

Created by the fabulous Alain Grée, the magazine is sure to captivate every child’s imagination and is something we really love and support at French blossom and Curious and Printed in both French and English, we hope the magazine will be a huge success.
Children can find which animals have escaped from the zoo or learn about vegetables and how they grow. They can complete a puzzle or perfect their colouring techniques; the Ploc Magazine is sure to be a favourite with your kids.

Its also a really great size to fit in a bag at only (17cm by 21cm.)
So where can you buy your copy of PLOC Magazine? Look no further than right here – Ploc Magazine