Month: September 2011

French is here…………….

The day has finally arrived and after quite a few sleepless nights and a lot of work, we are launching French We really hope you like our website would love to hear you thoughts!


This is just the start for French Blossom and we are really excited about our adventure! You can visit our website by either clicking on the nice round, shop button on the right of our blog or by going straight to

Just for those of you who have not been following us on facebook or twitter, I have included a little summary below to explain a bit aboout our vision.
We are very passionate about french blossom and have travelled right around France discovering many wonderful French designers for children and getting lots of ideas and inspiration for our website. – We are looking forward to sharing with you our findings though our blog right here and on our website.

The Concept is an online boutique, bringing together a select group of (100% French) exclusively French, independent designers, who specialize in the creation of delightful, unmistakably French, children’s clothing, gifts and accessories. French Blossom discovers and presents all things that exude an essence of French style for children!

The concept behind French Blossom is to – ‘Celebrate French Fashion for Children,’ and to showcase exclusively chic and stylish independent French children’s designers. From the one website, you can easily mix and match unique designs and outfits to create a perfect look for your children, find an ideal gift or simply be inspired by the wonderfully elegant French designs.

A special thanks must go to Sebastien and Thomas for their time and effort to bring French blossom to life. – Thank you both so much.

Fantastic fruit tarts from früute…………………

früute tarts, bite sized fruit tarts
The talk on the town is that these little tarts are set to be the next craze in America. The bite sized tarts from a company called früute , are full of colour, rich in flavour and with so many delicious ideas, there is something for everyone’s taste. I like ‘the three berries’… no hang on ‘the snowball’, actually i like all of them and they are just small enough to try quite a few. Yummy……..

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Fun bookshelf………………..

We discovered this really fun and cool bookshelf today. People are always coming up with different designs and ideas for shelving to store books and ornaments but we just loved this ‘Face Shelving’ by Alexi Mccarthy. We found the shelves on the 1 design per day blog – A blog we are always getting inspired by here at the french blossom blog.

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Autumn 2011 here already?……………….

autumn leaves, autumn in france

Technically speaking we are still in summer here in France but looking out of the window today and thinking back over the last few days – (where the winds have blown and rain has been heavy), its hard to believe. Apparently Autumn officially starts around the third week in September so I hope we can have some more sun before then.

We found this autumn looking leaf yesterday. It has some pretty amazing colours wouldn’t you agree?

Cardboard French Café by Little Play Places……………………

Little play places

We just love ‘The French Cafe’ created by Little Play Spaces. Its the perfect place for children to pretend they are in a coffee shop sipping on a drink or reading a newspaper. The bright red and white striped exterior and chalk board where they can write the daily ‘plat du jour’, is reminiscent of many cafés we go to in Paris. ‘Fifi’ the dog waits patiently outside the door and a bicycle is propped up against the other side.

We love this cardboard café here at the French Blossom blog and are sure it would be a favourite with your children too. We discovered this fun french café on the Coochicoos website.

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French food Markets…………..

french organic market, food market

onions and garlic french market

Local markets are very popular over in France. Homemade, homegrown, organic products are piled high, while cheeses, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables are all in abundance.
The noise, the movement, the smell in the air all create an unforgettable atmosphere. The Saturday markets are a place to meet people, and be inspired by wonderful discoveries. Its lovely to find local farmers, wine makers, florists plus many other artisans coming together to celebrate local produce. – This culture is thankfully still very strong in France.

Now is the season for all the local farmers to harvest their onions and garlic! Onions hanging on strings from the stalls and big bunches of garlic tied up, are very traditional images associated with French markets.

Last weekend we visited the Rennes market gathering things for a picnic.

French blossom blog photographs

Working on our website………….

We are getting closer to the launch of our french website. All the team is working frantically to get everything ready! Its a lot of work but we are having fun which is very important with any adventure.

The french blossom website will bring together exclusively french designers for children’s clothing, accessories, toys and decor. – Yes we will be working with 100% French designers and have selected the very best chic, stylish and elegant children’s clothing. We cant wait to share with you our finds.

We will be having lots of fun competitions to win stuff so sign up now at and be the first to know when we launch and what you can win!

For now I hope you all have a great weekend.