Month: January 2012

The Initial public offering of Facebook………………………..

A few years ago there was no such thing as the phenomenon that we now know as ‘Facebook’. This social networking platform has taken the world by storm and its hard to go anywhere or read anything without someone talking about it. A few years ago people might have a morning tea or coffee and read the newspaper, now its all about checking their facebook profile, seeing what people have been doing and what photos they have uploaded. Its reported that 50% of facebook users login at least once a day. – Has facebook become an addiction, a necessity to some?

For many people its quite a challenge to be strong enough to stop checking their page and spending hours daily on the social networking site!

Many businesses however have really engaged with the power of the site and its huge audience to generate more leads and create very successful market campaigns. When we created our business French Blossom, creating a facebook business page was one of our first tasks.

Other businesses have gone to the other extreme by banning facebook from office computers due to the work hours lost by employees constantly checking their profiles! Whether you are for or against facebook it seems to be here for the foreseeable future and just continues to grow. Some statistics say that there are now more than 800 million users throughout the world !
Why on earth am I writing this post about Facebook, many of you must be thinking! Well the website has been in the news more than usual of late. Last year there were rumors that Facebook would make its initial public offering of shares and it seems that now in 2012 this will soon be the case. It sounds great having shares in one of the biggest companies in the world doesn’t it? – Unfortunately its highly unlikely you or I could get our hands on any shares as they will probably only be offered to big organizations, big investors and those buying millions.
I was amazed to read that maybe up to 1000 of the staff working for facebook would however become millionaires when this initial public offering takes place!! – Amazing!

Anyway back to serious matters. Have you joined our French Blossom facebook fan page yet? We have lots of exclusive news and offers revealed first on facebook.
French Blossom facebook

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French Inspired Biscuits………………………………..

I stumbled upon these wonderful Paris inspired biscuits yesterday on the blog Sweetopia. They look great, almost too good to eat!

Images via

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Playtime Paris January 2012…………………..

Just got back from Playtime Paris and met some wonderful designers, discovered many fantastic new collections and were inspired by lots of beautiful creations. We also met with some new French children’s designers that we hope to work with in the very near future at French Blossom !

Trousselier music box for children…………………………

We have just added some lovely childrens music boxes to our shop – French Blossom. Each Trousselier music box has its own characters from Elmer the Elephant to brightly coloured acrobats. Wind up the music box and watch as they dance and spin gracefully to the gentle musical tunes.

Each wind up music box measures 10.5cm x 10.5cm and will certainly amaze and captivate children.

A childrens music box makes a wonderful gift idea. Discover our collection of Trousselier music boxes here at French Blossom

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New Collection of Handmade vintage cushions

We have just added a new collection of handmade cushions from designer by Virginie Z to our shop, French Blossom.
These delightful cushions are shaped as rain drops and are all handmade in France, by Virginie Z. These cushions are unique pieces and would look lovely in any childrens room as decoration. Each children’s cushion measures 40cm x 29cm and is made with a cotton cover and synthetic foam interior. I just love these cushions!

Discover these cushions and many others right here at French Blossom

Major B – My name is Simone cushions

Just arrived at French Blossom!

We are pleased to welcome ‘Major B’ from the ‘Rock collection’ – designed by french designer ‘My Name is Simone’. Major B joins other characters on the French Blossom website such as Mister K and Jean Louis.

Have a look at Major B in more detail at – French Blossom

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Friday music 2 ………………………………..

Hello all! Here is a song we have been playing a lot this week! hope you like it as much as we do. Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

Haoshi Designer balloon lamps

I just love these balloon lamps created by Haoshi Design. They look so light and delicate – ready to just blow away on the slightest breeze. These lights really look fantastic when attached to a wall and are made of plastic with an iron frame shoring.

Remember the other lights we posted last year? – the wonderful cloud lights


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Coffee cup cozy protectors……………….

Love these cool coffee cozies, perfect for keeping your coffees warm and your hands from burning! Its super cold over here in France now so they would do just the trick. I found these coffee cozies at ‘the cozy project
They are made from 75% recycled cotton yarn.