Month: April 2012

Driving down the metro in Paris !

I read in the newspaper that a driver mistook the stairs down to the Paris metro as an underground parking garage. There are lots of underground parking garages in Paris and at a quick glance some of the entrances do in fact look similar to the entrance to the Paris metro. – All except the metro has a great big sign telling you that its the metro and there are steps instead of a car ramp!! – Anyway this car actually tried driving down the metro steps and then got stuck! That must have been a serious shock for the driver and also anyone coming up out from the metro.

I dont think I will ever leave a Paris metro station again without having something in the back of my mind saying, ‘careful there there could potentially be a car coming down the other way’.

The crazy thing is, reading France 24 online news, apparently this not the first time it happened. A local restaurant owner said the same thing happened at the same metro a few years ago. – I think someone needs to put an additional sign telling people, This is not an underground garage!’

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New childrens wall stickers and wall decals

As you know we love kids wall stickers at French Blossom and we are always trying to discover fun and new designs from French designers.  These two wall stickers for children are perfect for a bedroom or for a playroom and are certain to brighten up any wall. (No joke intended using the words ‘brighten up’ and the light bulbs in these stickers).

Dinosaur wall stickers are perfect for a little boys room and this dinosaur wall sticker is a lovely kaki green in colour.

The glow in the dark wall sticker has two light bulbs hanging from strings and if you look carefully inside the light bulbs the words ‘bonne nuit’ are written. ‘bonne nuit’ is the french for good night! This glow in the dark wall sticker is hardly visible in the day but when its night it really comes to life!

The house with colourful smoking chimney is a great childrens wall sticker from Poisson Bulle and has only recently been added to the french blossom website.

See all our wall stickers for children and childrens wall decor here at French

Childrens vintage clothes…………………..

If you are like me, then I am sure you get excited whenever you stumble upon original, unique and stylish vintage pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories. Not so long ago I would discover great finds in quirky little shops around Paris but now many websites have sprung up with some really great vintage and retro offerings to tempt me! Many of these websites even create new pieces, influenced and inspired by past times.

Finding vintage pieces for adults is a lot easier than finding lovely vintage clothing for kids. Our friend Helena at the Junior blog, with her love of childrens fashion has created The Jnr. Vintage – a place on her blog where you can buy lovely vintage clothing pieces for children. This is a new project from Helena and she will be adding more and more of her finds each week.

I recommend you make a visit to The Jnr and discover this weeks vintage dresses for girls. – The Jnr. Vintage and then go to the SHOP section.

Robert Doisneau…………..

I remember when I first arrived in France several years ago, I spent weeks just walking around Paris, discovering all the hidden treasures, the small streets, the cafe culture and the beautiful architecture and museums that make Paris so unique and special.  I remember discovering the the magnificent ‘Hotel de Ville’ and wondering why there were huge queues of people all lining up pushing and squeezing just to get inside. –  There was an exhibition on at the time for one of, if not the most famous Parisian photographers. – Robert Doisneau.  His work can be found on postcards, magazines books and posters in shops all around Paris and the world.

Robert Doisneau was a Parisian who photographed his city, capturing some of the most iconic images of the 1930’s and then post war period. His photographs are so beautiful and just looking through his official website, its easy for me to see why I fell in love with Paris many years ago!

One of his most recognized photographs (and if I remember correctly, one of the photos used to highlight the exhibition in Paris I mentioned above) is entitled – ‘Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville’, or in English ‘The kiss by the City Hall’.

I thought I would write a little post on Robert Doisneau as today marks the 100th Anniversay of his birthdate and google even made a special ‘doodle’ in honour this wonderful photographer.

Have a look at the official site of Robert Doisneau here.

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Nettement Chic – Be inspired by some of the best online shopping destinations………….

Nettement Chic is an exciting website that launched in 2011 showcasing some of the best online boutiques for fashion, accessories, decor, beauty and everything for your home. We were delighted to be approached by Nettement Chic to have our boutique French Blossom feature in the area devoted to everything for children – ‘Nettement Petit’

Below is a screenshot showing the French Blossom boutique page within the Nettement Chic website – French Blossom at Nettement Chic

We asked Nettement chic a few questions to discover more about this exciting new online business set up by Kate and her team.

FB – French Blossom
NC – Nettement Chic

FB – How and why did you come up with the concept for Nettement Chic ?

NC – Prior to launching Nettement Chic, I worked for an international law firm. The hours were far from compatible with shopping and I quickly became rather (too…) adept at finding what I wanted on-line. When I moved to France 6 years ago I couldn’t find the kind of e-shops I was looking for. Over time they started to appear and it occurred to me that there was no dedicated on-line resource to help shoppers find that the very best that the web has to offer in France. And so the idea for Nettement Chic was born!

FB – What were some of the initial hurdles or biggest challenges you faced as you began your adventure with Nettement Chic?

NC – As an ex-lawyer my contacts in the on-line retail world were practically non-existent… The relationships with our partner e-shops are key to us being able to provide a unique experience to the readers of Nettement Chic. Building those relationships from scratch seemed like a huge challenge at the beginning but has in fact been the most rewarding aspect of the project so far.

FB – What would you consider to be the most enjoyable and engaging aspects about working on a website like Nettement Chic?

NC – Each time I discover a beautiful new e-shop I am reminded of why I started Nettement Chic. I love to shop on-line and firmly believe that the experience can be every bit as exciting (and often more comfortable) as the physical shopping experience. Every day fantastic new e-shops are being launched in France and helping them to become known to our readers is an exciting way to play a part in the development of the on-line shopping market.

FB – Nettement Chic launched in French, for a French audience, do you envisage developing the site for an international audience and would this mean the site might change in any way?

NC – The English language version of the site will be launched at the beginning of May! The look of the site will remain the same with some small additions such as information regarding delivery in the UK and the US. We hope to grow the audience to include both English speakers living in France and lovers of all things French living outside France.

FB – What piece of advice would you offer someone starting in business and especially an online business?

NC – Can I answer that when we have been online a little longer? I still feel like a relative newcomer to the business! But I suppose like any entrepreneurial project, there is a moment when you just have to believe in your idea and make it live. That is where we are now with NC.

FB – What attracted you to approach us at French Blossom and to include us in Nettement Chic?

NC – There are some e-shops that you know you want to include as soon as you see the homepage. French Blossom is one of those e-shops. The site is chic, elegant and simple to use and the products are beautiful and original. And there is also a Franco-British element to your story which appeals to me as an English national who has chosen to live and work in France.

The current moodboard at the Nettement Chic offices is below

I would definitely recommend that you go and have a good look though the Nettement Chic website as I am sure you will find some really inspiring new online boutiques, designers and many exciting online finds – Nettement

bakker made with love weekend suitcase …………………..

Over the Easter weekend we went to the beach near where we live here in France and we decided to take one of the bakker made with love suitcases that we have at home.

This was the perfect time to try it out to put it to good use. The suitcase was the large size in light sky blue colour! We ended up  converting the suitcase into our picnic bag and taking it each day down to the beach.  It certainly turned some heads as its pretty different to most picnic cases or suitcases you see!

See these suitcases from bakker made with love here

After a wet and cold Easter weekend………………..

After a pretty sunny month of March, I was beginning to think Spring was here and the cold months were behind us in France. – I thought wrong!
What a cold and wet Easter weekend. Never mind, lets hope only finer weather is on its way. I love this photo that I discovered today. The bright, colourful umbrellas look so pretty, delicately suspended though this street. – So light they feel like they could almost blow away on the slightest breeze.


Introducing Mi-avril………………………..

Delicate, light and poetic! These beautiful handmade paper garlands are the latest edition to the French Blossom website.  They are so light and pretty, we believe that they make the perfect room decoration for your babies nursery, childrens room or for any room in the house in fact!  Each garland is handmade by the Virginie in Toulouse, France and we are delighted to have them in room decoration on our website. These garlands are shaped like clouds and with four pastel coloured combinations to choose from, so there is something for everyone!

Discover the collection of handmade paper garlands right here at French Blossom

Kayatine – French baby clothes and accessories

Have you seen the great baby bodysuits and combinations from designer kayatine? These pieces are just a few from the Spring/Summer collection that you can find from the designer at French Blossom. I love the way that all the pieces are designed and fabricated in France. These pieces of designer baby clothes are perfect for that special little baby gift or for parents wanting something more original and different from France. Evelyne and Julie Anne are the mother and daughter team behind the delightful brand Kayatine.

See these and other new french baby clothes right here at ( French Blossom )

Sunny Spring day. Time to relax…………………

Last Sunday we took it very easy and spent the whole day wandering around, eating lunch outside, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful Spring weather we are experiencing at the moment over here in France.