Month: June 2012


Recently, Marine bought this ‘ My Name is Simone’ tote bag from French Blossom for her sister Maud. There is more than a little resemblance here. Love the photo!!
The two sisters, Marine and Maud have their own blog ‘Quand les bobos voient Double’ where they talk about their lives in Paris and Rennes, touching on fashion, exhibitions, cinema and shopping.

See this tote bag at French Blossom.  It is made with 100% cotton and measures 29cm by 37cm.

Discover Marine and Maud’s blog –  ‘Quand les bobos voient Double

It's Friday! We love this funny video………………….

A friend of ours showed us this really funny video clip where Jimmy Kimmel, the American presenter acts as ‘The Lie Detective’. He asks the little boy questions who cannot tell lies as the lie detector machine will know !!

The innocence of youth.  We love this video, it made us laugh :-)

Have a great weekend everyone !


I love anything with dinosaurs……………….

I love this dinosaur ornament with air plant.  It looks really chic and stylish for any coffee table.  I found this at etsy

It’s officially summertime in France today!

Summer in the northern hemisphere is officially the day when the sun is the furthest north in the sky and this day is the 20th or 21st June!  If you are getting ready for summer holidays and are in need of some special pieces of clothing for your childern, why not let us help you get inspired by our first summer looks below!  Click on the images to discover more great ideas at French

Enjoy your weekend !

It’s Friday and the weekend is here yippee….  Tell us what you have planned for your weekend by leaving a comment below and who ever we feel has the most interesting / fun or enjoyable weekend planned will win a gift from the French Blossom website !  –  Come on tell us what you are up to !

Ordering my takeaway coffee was not easy, Hihiihi…………………

After moving to France from the UK several years ago my coffee intake has certainly gone up. Every morning I find myself sipping on a little Espresso and sure enough after a while it becomes a ritual ! Like the majority of French its great to sit down with a coffee and people watch for a few minutes.

When you are in a rush and have no time to stop and sit for a coffee, there are lots places you can takeaway a coffee in a little cardboard cup….

This is where my funny story starts! –

I was in a bit of a rush last week and thought I would pop into a coffee shop, for a quick espresso on the go (‘à emporter’, in French) and make it to my meeting on time! – Think again… Sometimes in France things dont go quite as you plan. Hihihih. I queued up in the coffee bar, its one of those not too traditional places but where you can takeaway lunch and drinks or eat inside. Anyway, I waited patiently for each person to be served in front of me until it was my turn. I knew they served takeaway coffees as I could see the cardboard cups behind the counter. No one seemed in a rush and after about five minutes it was my time to order! – “A coffee to takeaway please”, I asked in French to the person behind the counter. Oh sorry, she replied you need to order a takeaway coffee from the person on the terrace outside, at the front of the shop.

“What!! I cant order from you? You have the coffee machine and the cups right there, I have been waiting for five minutes and I am in a bit of a rush”. “No” – She replied.

So off I went outside to queue up again. I got to the front of the queue and ordered a takeaway coffee. The server outside, almost like in a sketch from comedy show then turned around and shouted back in to one of the people behind the desk I was originally waiting at, to create a takeaway coffee. WHAT!! The same people I just asked for a coffee are now creating the coffee for the person on the terrace to give to me.

Even though I was eventually a bit late for the meeting, how can you not laugh at this!

'Dents de loup', handmade toys and decorations……….

We discovered these lovely handmade pieces on the etsy store called ‘Dents de loup’

Handmade from cotton yarn, all the toys and decorative pieces have been created in France by Paula.  Have a look at more of her lovely creations at her shop – Dents de loup