Month: July 2012

London 2012 opening ceremony………………………

We just had to do a little post on the Olympics! – Today is the opening ceremony and everyone seems to be talking about it. All over the world people are eagerly anticipating the much publicized opening ceremony designed by English film director Danny Boyle. I remember around six years ago when I was sitting in a cafe in London and over the radio they announced London had won the right to hold the next Olympics and everyone cheered! Well the time has passed quickly the transformations in the East of London have been amazing! – Now the worlds eyes are on London for the ceremony that promises so much. Apparently organizers have tried to recreate the British countryside on a scaled down version ! – I need to tune in to watch this.

Even google have created a doodle to mark the opening ceremony of the Olympics!

The video below shows Danny Boyle explaining his concept for the opening ceremony to journalists.

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Childrens organic playmats………………………..

A few days ago we added these wonderful organic childrens playmats to French I love the bright colours and interesting designs on these play mats.  They are made with 100% organic cotton and are printed with non toxic inks.  Each mat is a square measuring 125cm x 125cm  and comes with its own organic tote bag for easy storage!

Playmats or play carpets as some people call them make a great gift idea for children!  ‘Deuz’ have created five different patterns from their studios in France and each mat makes a really original present.

Discover all these great play mats at French  – Childrens Playmats

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It's Friday and the beach is calling……………..

Yippee it’s Friday and the weekend could not have arrived quicker !  It’s so hot at the moment in the French Blossom office, (I think they built the walls way too thin) it feels like we are in a sauna at times.  Anyway off to the beach and the cool sea soon, Have a great weekend everyone !

What are you plans for the weekend??


De Beaux Souvenirs……………………

I have been meaning to do a blog post on the wonderful wire creations of Claire Rougerie for some time now !  Her sculptural pieces are so unique and are incredibly poetic.  If you are looking for an original piece of room decoration for a childrens bedroom or a sculptural object for your home, I would certainly recommend going over to De Beaux Souvenirs website to discover more of Claire’s creations.

All her work is handmade in France and lots of the pieces take many hours to create.  You can even buy your own wire kit, where you can build your own sculptural piece with instructions from Claire.

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AZ Desk by Guillaume Bouvet………………………..

Not so long ago I was in contact with Guillaume and we were talking about his really great AZ Desk for both children and adults.  Guillame, based in Lyon in the South of France is an artisan designer and has created this wonderful desk that transforms multiple times, creating a desk for all ages and also a black board for children to express their creativity. – The video above demonstrates the transformations so well!

Guillaume will shortly start producing this desk so fingers crossed and if we ask him nicely, you might see the desk at French in the really near future.

Have a look at Guillaume’s website right –  here

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Lego Bridge…………………

What a great way to transform an old concrete bridge!  – Looks brilliant!  The bridge was painted or should I say converted into a lego bridge by German artist Martin Heuwold, also known as Megx.

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Looking for original French baby clothes?

As you might know it’s the Summer sale at French and there are some really great savings to be made on French baby clothes !
We have original and limited edition pieces and many items that are made in France. Come and discover more of the collections and the great sales right here – French baby clothes

1.  Whale bodysuit by Kayatine
2. J’aime crossed combinaison by Kayatine
3. Turquoise Stars pyjamas by Le Marchand d’etoiles
4. Anna Dress Eponime

Kinetic rain sculpture at Singapore airport…………………

How often do we end up stuck in airports, bored and tired just hoping our plane won’t be too long before it takes off. We need more sculptures, art installations and creations to inspire our imagination and make the wait a pleasure. – I just wish I could go to Singapore airport to see this beautiful sculpture called ‘Kinetic Rain’. Its just stunning and has been designed by ART + COM. – This sculpture certainly creates a mood of peace and tranquility!

With 608 raindrops dancing, at times moving in unison and then at times creating light delicate shapes, the hustle and bustle of the airport is almost forgotten for a moment.

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Happy Friday Everyone !………………..

It’s Friday again! –  Yipeee  Hope you have a great weekend.  I am praying for fine weather as we have bought a new barbeque and really need to try it out.

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