Month: October 2012

The amazing creations of Keith Newstead……………..

I can’t really begin to tell you how much I love the amazing creations of Keith Newstead! I am truly mesmerized by the details, the movement and the delightful beauty of these Automata. (The word automata means self operating machine.)

Keith has so many more exquisite pieces on his website and if you have an idea or would like to have an Automata for yourself, Keith even takes on commissions !

Have a look at lots more of Keith’s work here, – Keith Newstead Automata

Half Term holidays…………………….

Need ideas for ways to keep the little ones occupied during the school vacations? –  Why not get inspired by our cool colouring sheets for children and the organic playmats. – Have a look at these in our House and Design section at the French Blossom Bouitique

Fun childrens sellotape at French Blossom…………………………

I love these fun childrens adhesive tape that we recently added to the French Blossom boutique!  Whether you call it sellotape or adhesive tape, this cool tape is great for sealing envelopes, adding colour to a note book or even brightening up and decorating things.  The quirky characters from my name is Simone are printed on the wider sellotape and a glasses, moustache and heart pattern is printed on the thinner roll.  Each roll measures 60 metres in length.

You can buy both these rolls of sellotape in a pack for under €10 at the French Blossom
boutique – fun childrens sellotape

Rose desbois Autumn/Winter 2012………………………….

Our friend Chrystelle, founder of rose desbois clothes for children has a lovely Autumn /Winter collection out now.

If you are in Paris, why not drop by the rose desbois showroom/boutique to really discover the new collection in detail.  The boutique is in the 17th Arrondissement,  6 rue meissonier,
métro Wagram ou Monceau.


Abstractions Anonymes Exhibition in Paris

If you happen to be visiting Lyon, why not go and have a look at an exhibition called “Abstractions Anonymes” being presented at the Galerie ‘Sans Titre’.  The exhibition runs until the 4th November 2012 and cleverly plays with a combination of abstract shapes and forms. The art piece in this post plays with 3d objects and flat imagery to create a piece rich in depth and movement


French Blossom boutique is 1 year old !!

We are 1 year old at French Blossom !  –  It’s hard to believe we have been working on our French adventure for one year already.  Time has gone so quickly!  It has been a great pleasure to meet, learn from and work with so many interesting and supportive people during this time and we truly thank you all!  Lots of long hours, quite a few coffees and  probably too many hours spent behind a computer screens but this first year has been a lot of fun and very exciting to see how the boutique has gone from stocking just a few items  to increasing our offering each and every month.  –  We are now very excited for our plans and ideas for the coming year ahead!  We will look to partner with several more French designers for both fashion and toys and decoration, plus we will be adding new features to the boutique.

To celebrate our first Birthday, we are reducing many items on the website for 10 days.  A selected group of toys and decoration are up to -20% while items from our fashion and accessories section are up to -30%.   Come and have a look –  French Blossom

Circus Inspiration……………………………

If you are looking for circus decoration ideas for your childrens bedroom, then look no further! – We have put together a group of ideas for you, from circus lights, to circus wall stickers and wall posters.  Come and have a look at these products and many others at the boutique ~ French Blossom

Hey what you looking at?

Thanks very much Aunty Béatrice for this great photo of baby Mathieu.  I tweaked the image and gave him a little speech bubble as I’m sure this is what he is thinking !

If you like this fun and quirky little soft toy duck on wheels, you can see him in greater detail at the French Blossom boutique ~ Soft toy duck Trousselier

Finger in the Nose Autumn/Winter Collection……………….

I have been a fan of the French childrens designer Finger in the Nose for quite some time.  -Yes the name of the brand is fun and playful and each piece of clothing has a stylish, cool, rock and roll feel !

The clothing from Finger in the Nose is not only stylish but it is comfortable for children to wear.  This Autumn /Winter collection is really full of warm materials, graphic prints, touches of check patterns and of course a range of super Jeans.  – I hope we can see Finger in the Nose at the French Blossom boutique in the near future!

Do you already know this brand ? Tell us what you think of this collection!

Discover more about Finger in the Nose through their website ~ Finger in the Nose


Magical vintage story boxes

We have just introduced these magical story boxes from Tiphaine Verdier Mangan to the French Blossom boutique.  Each little box tells a story and is made with hard cardboard and an elegant outer presentation sleeve.  From ‘Little red riding Hood’ who is being watched by the wolf, to ‘Alice in her box’ which takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, these boxes are beautifully detailed and very poetic.  I think my favourite has to be ‘The Reading Room’, where the children are all reading books on the floor and a little model boat sits gently above the fire place. -The whole feel is very retro and vintage !

The 3D nature of these illustrations make the story boxes original and fun room decoration for children.  The boxes are light enough to be hung on a wall or simply placed on a shelf and enjoyed. The drama and depth created in these vintage story boxes make them a great gift idea and they are certain to captivate childrens imagination.

Each box measures 25cm x 25cm x 15cm.  They look really super in a group!

Dicover these story boxes from Tiphaine Verdier Mangan in greater detail at ~
French Blossom