Month: November 2012

Poetic greeting cards from Mi Avril – made in France

We love these beautiful greeting cards designed by Mi Avril.  They are perfect to send this Christmas or for the New Year!  Have a look at these really original greeting cards in greater detail at the French Blossom boutique – French Greeting cards for Christmas and the New Year.  You can choose greeting cards written in English or why not be different and choose them written in French.

You might recognize the name Mi Avril from her wonderful handmade paper garlands that we introduced to you at the boutique earlier in the year. – Handmade paper Garlands !

Childrens baking set – A fun and creative Christmas gift idea !

I love this new addition to the French Blossom Boutique!  – The ‘Cake Factory’ or as it is called in French – ‘L’atelier à pâtisserie’, would make a perfect gift for all those children who love to cook and enjoy baking things in the kitchen with mum and dad.

Created by French designer Vilac, the Cake Factory baking set comes with a childrens apron, a cookie cutter, baking trays, a whisk and a rolling pin.  Children can also learn from fun recipe cards.  When the set is not being used it can be stored away in the box which is shaped like a chefs hat.

Have a look at more childrens gift ideas from Vilac

Handmade cloud wall lighting………………….

You know both Meriem and I are mad about design that includes clouds.  We have numerous vintage cloud cushions and really fun cloud lighting at the French Blossom boutique.

I thought this DIY wall lighting was such a great idea that I would share it with you.  Its a light but also a piece of wall decoration in its own right!

The large cloud in the centre is made from wood and the smaller surrounding clouds from heavy art board.  Fixing a small night light behind the large cloud makes it appear as though the sun is shining from behind the cloud and there is just enough light to emphasize the edges and shapes of the smaller clouds. – A really lovely idea for any childrens bedroom!


Have you joined us on pinterest yet? – French Blossom Pinterest

Desk Stationary Set……………..

I wish that I had a stationary set like this!  The simple, clean forms and functional spaces would look great on either my office desk or on my work space at home.

This stationary set has been created by Thai based design company, Pana Objects.  Made from white ash wood and entitled ‘Tofu’, the stationary set can be arranged in many different ways to suit you or the space you are working on.  Discover the Tofu set here. – Stationary Set



I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful evening!  Neither Meriem or I had been to a Thanksgiving dinner before so it was a real pleasure to go with several friends last night to a dinner organized by the Franco American Institute here in Rennes, West France.  The turkey dinner was delicious and had all the trimmings down to the cranberry sauce and stuffing.  The meal was competed with a delicious Pecan Pie!  Great to meet with so many people from from different countries and cultures, who came together for this celebration.  We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving weekend.


New Janod toys! childrens gift idea for Christmas

We have just received lots of exciting new wooden toys from French designer Janod.  The weekend was spent adding these and several new childrens puzzles to the French Blossom boutique!   I hope we might inspire you, if you are now looking for Christmas gift ideas for your children.

– Come and have a look at the toys right here – Childrens toys at French Blossom

In this blog post we are highlighting the fun, new construction center that is made from wood (except for the bulldozer and digger buckets).  This building / construction center is certain to provide hours of fun for little children!

Private Sale at French Blossom………………………….

Don’t miss out on this great Private Sale at French Blossom.  Up to -50% on many pieces of clothing from designers such as Louis Louise, Eponime, Emile et Ida, Le Marchand d’Etoiles plus many others.  Don’t miss out on this private sale right here – French Blossom boutique

Thought about your advent calendar yet?……………..

Have you thought about what kind of advent calendar you are getting this year? – I love getting inspired by lovely handmade ideas.  The first one I would like to share with you this year is from French designer Zü.  Better still, you can download and create this free advent calendar yourself.  Al you need is a printer, some paper and scissors.  I love the originality of this free advent calendar and it looks great either hung on a tree or along a cord.

Thanks Zü for inspiring us !  Discover more creations from the french designer Zü, such as the vintage cloud cushions and the wonderful vintage posters visit the – French Blossom Boutique

To create this fun free calendar, download the images at Zü’s blog :-Zü advent Calendar

Note: This free advent calendar can be downloaded for personal use only

Circus themed baby and childrens mealtime dinner set

We have recently received this wonderful circus dinner set at the French Blossom Boutique.  The bright colours and fun patterns combined with the super illustrations of an elephant, a giraffe, a rabbit in a hat and a bear riding a little bike make this circus dinner set for babies and children a really original gift idea!

The set includes one plate, one bowl, a fork and spoon plus a pretty little cup.

”Roll up roll up” and discover this circus themed dinner set and other circus themed childrens room decoration at French Blossom

If you are in Paris, why not take the time to go and see the famed ‘CIRQUE D’HIVER’.  This ‘Winter Circus’, as it is called in French is open from 20th October until the 17th March.  You can visit their website for tickets and booking information. Its certainly worth a visit as you are unlikely to ever go to another circus in a lovely old building in the centre of a city like Paris!!  – ‘Cirque d’Hiver’