Month: January 2013

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Tea and Carrot cake with little sister………………..

We all need our excuses to indulge a little, and with my sister over for the weekend we took her to a tea room I often visit here in Rennes , France.  I didn’t really need the menu as the delicious carrot cake with soft creamy butter icing is my favourite !  I have tried making my own carrot cake on many occasions but never make anything quite like this.  If you are ever in Rennes, Brittany you need to make a visit to  Thé au Fourneau.  This little tea room/restaurant is pretty well hidden and is mainly frequented by locals.

Opening the door you are hit with the wonderful smell of tarts cooking and the freshly baked cakes and pies out on the counter.  Walk down a few steps into this snug and cosy tea room with old wooden beamed ceilings, comfy chairs and soft cushions, you will find yourself far removed from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

thé au fourneau – 11 Rue des portes Mordellaises, Rennes.

Beautiful handmade wooden rings…………………..

Have a look at these beautiful handmade wooden rings, designed and made by a company called Northwood.  The detailing and finishing on each piece is exquisite and they are very original.  Two of my favourites have to be the American black walnut with vibrant blue turquoise, (pictured in the top images) and the Silver Sycamore and Golden Koa ring (pictured bottom right in images above).  – The Koa trees apparently only grow in Hawaii ! There is certainly a wonderful light and stunning purity to these beautiful wooden rings

Northwood handmade wooden rings

Quentin the vintage teddy bear…………………………….

Love this new arrival at French Blossom !  Quentin is his name and he is a really soft childrens teddy bear.  This little vintage inspired teddy is certain to become a close companion for little children and babies.  He has already made his way into our new shop in Rennes, which by the way is NOW OPEN !  We will be posting  some new photos online next week to show you our progress and how the shop has transformed from a grey empty shell into our first little boutique /showroom.  If you are in Rennes, drop by and you will see Quentin the teddy bear with his friends, we would love to meet you. The address is 1 Rue victor Hugo.  Have a great weekend everyone!

You can also find Quentin the childrens vintage teddy bear here : comfort and plush toys at French Blossom

Lalé beanbags for children

I am happy the lovely beanbags from Lalé are back in stock at French Blossom.  These beautiful childrens beanbags measure 53cm x 65cm.

The vintage patterns/designs on these beanbags are very original and they look great in a childrens bedroom or baby nursery.

Discover this beanbag and other great items from Lalé at French Blossom

Pressing-Pressing mobile kitchen, Paris…………….

Like many other cities around the world, mobile food trucks are becoming more popular and are often popping up on street corners.  In Paris there are several mobile food kitchens and I would certainly recommend a recent find, – ‘Pressing-Pressing’. All the ingredients are fresh and the bread is straight from the Boulangerie.  These sandwiches are making me hungry just looking a them!

Have a look at their website to find out the next place they will be stopping and what is on the menu, you wont be disappointed.  Pressing – Pressing

Just away from the food for a moment, I love the way they set up the French brasserie wooden chairs.  It makes dining outside on a Parisian street a really fun and different experience.

Source of photos

We are excited to be opening our first French Blossom shop/showroom!

The images above show some hard working people at the French Blossom showroom/shop!

A view from the first room into the second space.  We carefully covered all the wonderful terracotta tiles to avoid damaging them with paint or with decoration equipment.

Sometimes you just need to keep working through the night ! – These delicious pizzas from a local restaurant were enjoyed by all, as we waited for another layer of paint to dry.

Meriem had the idea of painting without shoes.  She also managed to walk in every drop of white paint that was on the floor.  I was laughing so hard when she showed me, until I realized they were my socks she was wearing !!

A few days ago, we posted a little update on our progress at the French plus we promised to share with you some exciting news during the coming month !

Well, we are so excited to tell you that we will be opening our first bricks and mortar showroom here in Brittany, North West France. YES ! French Blossom is going to have a physical shop/showroom in order to compliment our online presence at French

This is a very exciting adventure for us and we are planning to have the grand opening on the 16th February.  We have been busily preparing the space, painting the walls, buying the shelving, desks, lighting and so on before we can stock the shop full of our French children’s fashion, toys and decoration.  We are not alone in this exciting new project.  In the shop next door, several friends and local French creators have created a wonderful space to showcase jewellery and clothing all handmade in France.  With these designers we have formed a partnership and together our Rennes shop will be known as Bloom Shop.

So what is this French Blossom shop/showroom  space actually like ?  We have two rooms with beautifully high ceilings, big windows and a lovely soft peach terracotta tile flooring.  I think the building was built in the 19th century!

Over the past few weeks we have been trying to perfect our DIY skills, putting shelves up, painting walls, putting together furniture and sometimes getting pizza delivered late into the night so we can continue working.  The space is now starting to take shape and look like something ! –  Its amazing how much quicker you can push on when your friends drop by and pick up a paintbrush or screw driver, so thanks for all the precious support.

Above are just a few of the first photographs that we took (at the beginning) and we shall post more showing our progress over the coming days and weeks. – We will soon give you some more detailed information on our opening hours and exact location so that when you are in Rennes, West France, you can pop by and say hello!

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French Blossom and our next steps…….

Hi I am Meriem and I am Nick, and we are the founders of French

Its  a little over a year since our adventure with the French Blossom boutique began.  –  So we thought it was about time that we introduce ourselves and give you an update on our progress at French Blossom !

If you have followed our adventure from the start, you probably know the concept of our boutique is to ‘Celebrate French Fashion for children’.   We look to select and present a chic and stylish range of French baby clothes, childrens clothing, toys and room decoration from exclusively French designers.  We are not trying to stock every French childrens designer that we come across but rather individually select pieces and designers that we love.

Over the first year we had visitors and clients from all around the world and we had a lot of fun developing the website in both French and English.  We met some really interesting people and made new friends through the blog and working with designers around France.  We have become good friends with our local post office and I must say we are really mastering the art of packing parcels and gift wrapping!

Its quite challenging at times working for yourself, knowing when to stop in the night or knowing when you can buy new products or when you really need to save.  Making decisions on where to advertise and where not to,  what products might be popular or what are this seasons trends is all a fun learning curve for us!

As we began French Blossom in October 2011 we also wanted to create a network / partnership with bricks and mortar shops around France.  These shops, we hoped would have a corner at French Blossom where they could present their French designers to our audience.
Many of these shops have small local creators presenting pieces in their shops and we were very excited to start sharing new brands.  We travelled around France, from Bordeaux to Paris, Marseilles in the south to Brittany in the North West.  The shop owners showed a great deal of interest in our concept and the fact we were actually taking the time to visit their shops helped develop this partnership idea at French Blossom very quickly.

Unfortunately as time passed and despite all the enthusiasm and interest, not enough of the shop owners around France were able to spare the required time to create and update their corners at French Blossom.   We decided in the end not to launch the bricks and mortar partnership after all, but instead focus all our attentions on partnering directly with the designers in France through our online presence.

Looking back I would say this was not disappointing for us as we met some very interesting people and visited many lovely cities around France.

So its now over one year since we launched French Blossom and we are really excited for the year 2013.  We will soon introduce several new French childrens designers to the boutique and we have many new projects on the horizon!!  – So keep tuned for some exciting news in January and February!

Some have it good, Mr K has been spotted in Australia !!

It’s great to see Mr K, (designed by my Name is Simone) had a good time over the Christmas vacation.  He travelled from France to to Australia and visited some pretty interesting places it seems.  He really is a well travelled character!  This trip he saw Ayers Rock and also stopped off at Sydney and had his photo next to Sydney Harbour bridge and the famed Opera House.  Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos of Mr K on his travels and a special mention must go to the person who sent in these photos. – They were signed as F2K.

We love receiving images of products bought at the French Blossom boutique so please keep sending us photos.

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Yipee we’re Back ! Hope everyone is well !
Thank you all for being part of our amazing adventure and supporting us in 2012… We are so excited for 2013 !
All our best Wishes for a Stylish & Inspiring New Year!


Hello tout le monde ! Nous espérons que vous avez passé de bonnes fêtes de fin d’année ?!
Un GRAND merci à tous pour votre fidélité, votre soutien et les jolis moments partagés ensemble en 2012 !
Nous vous souhaitons une BELLE et DOUCE année 2013 ♥