Month: February 2013

Merveilles Spring / Summer collection has arrived………………

We have selected our favourite pieces from Merveille’s Spring / Summer clothing collection.  Come and have a look at the dresses, tops and skirts we selected to present at the French Blossom boutique.  Merveilles at French Blossom

NEW at French Blossom, welcome LOUISE MISHA…………..

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the first collection from Parisian based childrens designer Louise Misha..  The Spring / Summer collection is stylish, fun, light and poetic.  Made up of beautiful dresses, girls summer tops, shorts,  jewellery, and several very original bags, we are very happy French Blossom and louise Misha are working togehter.
In fact we met the two designers in their Parisian office several months ago to see this collection and their inspiration behind their ideas for the brand Louise Misha !  We will be adding more jewellery (which is all handmade in Paris) and also fun girls headbands, swimming costumes and other items from the designer very soon.

Come and have a look at this beautiful collection –  <<LOUISE MISHA >>

Fun goldfish bowl design……………

You might be asking yourself, why am I posting a picture of a goldfish bowl here on the blog.  I found this super unusual and really fun design for a goldfish bowl when on Pinterest yesterday and thought I would share it with you!  After pinning this on pinterest, I went to the gym for some much needed exercise, only to find out they have bought a goldfish and bowl for their front desk. – Is this a sign we should be having a goldfish in the French Blossom office and maybe this bowl design would work really well! – Its a great talking point and feels so fluid in shape


NEW IN : Mr & Mrs Clynk beautiful bowls…………..

Have a look at these really stylish porcelain bowls that we have just added to the French Blossom boutique.  There are 5 different colours to choose from, mustard/ yellow as seen above, lilac, sky blue, green and orange.  Each designer porcelain bowl costs €9 or if you want to buy the set of 5 it costs €44.00 .  These bowls have been designed in France by ‘Mr & Mrs Clynk’, they are dishwasher proof and are great for breakfast time, storing items or for parties. –  They are perfect for children and adults alike !

Discover these porcelain bowls in greater detail – Mr and Mrs Clynk

Happy Shrove Tuesday, Happy Pancake Day/Mardi Gras

Happy Pancake day to you all! We are about make our pancakes right now as I just got back from the supermarket with milk, eggs and flour. – I love pancakes!
In France, Pancake Day is more commonly known as Mardi Gras and during the day children and adults dress up and participate in carnivals. (Mardi Gras translated into English means Fat Tuesday)

Im not sure whether this little chicken was dressed up for Pancake day or not but we just love her costume !


New in: Pretty new tote bags from Louise Misha……………….

We are really excited to receive the 1st collection from the new French designer Louise Misha very soon.  We have already prepared the little space at French Blossom for Louise Misha.  <<Louise Misha>> At the moment you will see two wonderful tote bags with pretty sequined tops from the designer.  We just added these bags to the website and are now getting ready to receive the Spring/Summer collection.  A collection that doesn’t just include clothing but also beautiful children’s jewellery – handmade in Paris, France.
Have a look at these beautiful bags above and below are two short videos created by Louise Misha as they have fun preparing a photo shoot for their first collection.