Month: June 2013

TTT – To Try Thursday…………………..

I had the idea today to create a post every Thursday on things/ideas that I would love to try.  Handmade or DIY ideas if you like.  TTT or To Try Thursday blog posts will look at creative ideas I have stumbled upon.  Obviously ideas that feature recycled materials or reusing discarded household objects will be central to these posts.

For this first TTT blog post I wanted to share with you these fun wall decorations I saw on Pinterest.  Made from brightly coloured old plastic bottles, door handles, plastic coat hangers and even the inside sole of a shoe, this DIY animal wall decoration is something I really must try over the weekend !

Image -JustbyManon

Mr & Mrs Clynk cups and teapot have arrived……………..

We just received the lovely French designer porcelain tea pots and cups from Mr & Mrs Clynk yesterday.  We had to wait some time to have these at French Blossom but the wait was worth it.  The cups look lovely matched with the bowls from the same designer.  Discover our Mr & Mrs Clynk collection at the French Blossom boutique.

The above photograph was taken in our shop.   A customer came in and loved the new porcelain cups and  decided to match a sky blue bowl also from Mr and Mrs Clynk with a  blue cup.  They really look good together !

Orée ~ Wood +Tech + Design……………………….

If you are a big fan of handmade products and especially wooden design, then the beautiful keyboards from Orée are certain to be for you !  Handmade in the south of France these keyboards are crafted using wood from Sustainable forests.  The beautiful design combined with the clean and minimalist shapes make this keyboard very original and elegant for any office or home.

Orée started as the French team saw how environmentally unfriendly technology is and how impersonal and similar in appearance keyboards are.  Orée decided to beautifully blend natural materials and eco friendly design with modern technology to create timeless pieces.

Orée stands for – Original, Rational, Elegant and Engaged.

To discover more about these wonderful handmade wooden keyboards plus the lovely recycled leather cases, visit their website.  You can buy directly from them at – Orée.


Have you discovered the French brand Colonel yet ?  We love their work here at French Blossom and wanted to share with you some of our favourite pieces from their first collection !

Designers Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet started ‘Colonel’  in 2010 and they have used bright, fresh, colourful designs and contemporary forms and shapes in their first collection inspired by outdoor furniture.

Working with local French craftsmen, pieces are limited in number !


Fire Station Wooden Toy…………………………

We just added this new fire engine and fire station wooden toy set to the French Blossom Boutique.  This fun set comes with wooden fire engines, ladders, many firemen, a fire helicopter.  All these pieces can be stored away in the fire station box after children have finished playing.  This wooden toy has been designed in France by Janod.  To see it in greater detail and other toys from Janod click this link Janod Wooden Toys

NEW Children's painting set added to the boutique!………………..

We just added a lovely new painting set to the French Blossom boutique – only 9.50.  This version is more compact than the original painting set as many people asked us for a smaller version, believing something smaller would be easier for their younger children to carry around in their bags or on travels.

This new painting set is also designed by Nathalie Lété and her colourful illustrations can be seen on the cover plus on the inside of the lid.  With 6 different  paint colours to choose from and two different paint brushes, this little paint set is certain to keep little Monet artists busy for hours !  Click on the following link to go to this paint set ……..Blue Painting Set……….