Month: June 2014

New Vilac toy lorry at the boutique

We just received another great wooden toy from French designer Vilac at the boutique !  We have partnered with this French toy designer since we launched French Blossom.  Each year they come up with exciting and innovative new toys for children.  Toys that will captivate their imagination for hours on end !

This lorry garage is a study wooden toy, perfect for a gift for children over the age of 3 years.  The lorry can be pushed around and then the back opened up to reveal a fun mobile garage complete with 2 wooden cars, petrol pump and various signs.  Children can push the cars up and down the ramps for servicing and refueling.  This is a really lovely idea for and original present for children who are mad about cars and garages !
Have a look at this mobile garage in greater detail at the boutique – Vilac

Evolving our offering at the boutique !

Our concept at French Blossom has always been to bring together a carefully curated selection of French designers for childrens clothing, toys, decoration and accessories.  We are continually striving to discover new and exciting French designers to share with our audience in France and all around the world.

Many of our lovely customers and friends have asked us on multiple occassions if we might consider evolving our original concept of only working with French designers and to include some of their favourite childrens designers from around the world !  We thought long and hard about this idea and we have all agreed to create an exciting new section at French Blossom where, with the suggestions of our audience and the French Blossom team we will from time to time introduce a limited group of international designers at the boutique.

So which international designer for children would we partner with first ?! With so many countries and so many established and new designers for children to choose from it was not so easy!  Should the designer be clothing or shoes, maybe a toy designer for children or maybe a designer that creates decoration !

In the end we went for a Belgium designer, a designer that makes wonderful childrens lights – Egmont Toys !  We love room lighting for children at French Blossom and immediately felt the original and fun designs created by Egmont toys would add a wonderful new dimension to our room lighting section – childrens room lights.

This Belgium designer creates a variety of room lamps and lighting for children.  Beautifully handpainted and poetic in form the lighting includes a sweet rabbit lamp,  a variety of mushroom lights and let us not forget the gorgeous bear lamp.  As each light is painted by hand so no two lights are exactly the same !
Above is an a photograph of the rabbit lamp.  The lamp is so sweet and makes the perfect room lighting for an childrens bedroom or babies nursery.  Even when the light is not switched on the rabbit makes a great piece of room decoration.  The handpainted details are soft and delicate.  The warm glow of the rabbit lamp can be seen in the photograph below !  Each light comes with a 12 volt transformer and 10 watt light bulb.  The rabbit light measures 25cm in height.
After selecting the rabbit light we decided to include a range of mushroom lamps too.  These mushroom lights come in two different forms /designs.  There are sparkly silvers and golds to choose from or a more traditional red.  These mushroom lights add a great touch to any room of the home.  Below is an image of the small silver mushroom lamp.
The larger mushroom in the photographs below can be found in gold, silver and red colours.  Both the small and the large mushroom lamps have lots of little holes in the plastic shell.  These little round holes allow small shafts of light to leave the mushrooms and delicately bounce of the surrounding walls in a dreamy and magical way.Last but not least in this lovely collection of childrens room lighting is Ernest the bear lamp ! Ernest is so sweet and is certain to be a favourite for little ones. Ernest measures 19cm in height and is 30cm in width.  The bear lamp looks great as a piece of room decoration during the day and then as the might draws in and the lamp is switched on, Ernest the bear emits a warm soothing light.

Egmont toys began life in 1994 in a small garage in Belgium.  Today the designer has grown from strenght to strength and we are delighted to partner with the brand showcasing the lovely range of Egmont toy lighting.  Discover all the lamps highlighted in the blog post right here at the boutique – Egmont Toys