Month: July 2014

New Veja sneakers arriving at the boutique………….

It’s at this time of the year that we start to receive the new Autumn / Winter shoe collections !  We were really excited to open the boxes and take a peek at the new Veja childrens shoes earlier this week !  We have just put the first two online now.  The platinum gold and camouflage childrens sneakers are so trendy and stylish.  As with all the childrens sneakers from Veja the the cotton canvas used is organic while the leather is vegetable tanned.  The rubber used on the soles of these shoes comes from wild rubber plantations and is sustainably harvested !  Veja pay close attention to make sure their sneakers are fabricated in the most environmental way possible, leaving the smallest ‘footprint’ possible.

Have a look at these Camouflage sneakers in greater detail here – Veja childrens shoes
The burgundy leather detailing and velcro closing straps look great with the camouflage pattern.

The gold platinum sneakers are perfect for boys and girls.  The colour is original and they look effortlessly stylish !  They have two velcro straps for closing and a chic suede detailing on the back of the ankle.  The designers logo has been printed in a soft turquoise colour.

All the designer childrens shoes highlighted in the blog can be found at the boutique so  come and have a look ! – Shoes

Faguo Backpacks ……………………

With the summer holidays in full swing many parents are also probably doing a little bit of early preparation for back to school !  Backpacks are always a popular choice for school as they are easy to carry around papers pens and other stationary.  They can also be used for weekend trips and now during the summer holidays.
We love these designer backpacks from Faguo as they are not only really durable but they look great as well !  Made from cotton canvas and with a soft suede base, each bag measures 32cm x  42cm x 17cm so there is plenty of room inside to store notepads, books and papers.  There is one smaller pocket on the front and the large pocket is closed with two zips.  The backpacks have a small button detail on the front.  This is a detail that is specific to all Faguo shoes and accessories.

Have a look at these bags and others from the French designer Faguo right here at the boutique – Faguo

Collégien ……………………………..

Its always interesting when you see a family business passed down generation to generation, sharing the skills and innovations along the way!  Collegien is a French business that certainly fits this mold.  For over five generations the Guille family have, from a small village in the South West of France manufactured sheets, fabrics and most recently socks.  The family started its business in the very pretty region of Tarn which is near Toulouse.

From the mid to late 19th century the family traded in sheets and fabrics.  Then in 1930, Olivier Guille focused his attention on creating socks and bought the first power operated looms.  Then in 1947 the brand as we know it today – Collégien was formed.  Soon after the very original and unique Collegien slipper-sock was born !  These slipper socks are created by injecting a soft rubber sole into the bottom of a sock, hence the word – slipper sock came into existence !

In 2006 the slipper socks were reinvented and redesigned to be more ergonomic, more modern and even with perforated air holes in the soles to allow your feet to breath.  Small plastic spikes on the soles provide great grip too !  These slipper socks are so comfortable you almost forget they are on your feet.  Over the years their success and popularity have grown from France to many countries around the world.  Perfect for children and adults alike (i am actually wearing a pair in the office as I write this article) the slipper socks make a really great gift idea and we are really excited to partner with Collegien and showcase these wonderful products at the French Blossom boutique. We are always big fans of products that are not only designed in France by made in France too.

Aside from these marvellous slippers, the French company has more recently started creating tights made in France and also socks that are made in France.  With bright colours and fun designs these too have quickly become very popular.
Above is the rock and roll skull and cross bone pattern created by Collegien and Nununu, while below is the sweet and poetic cat and dog design from French illustrator Nathalie Lété.

Discover the new collections of Collegien slipper socks at the French Blossom boutique!

New childrens satchels…………..

We just received some really fun and original satchels / bags at the boutique !

Designed in France and made from 100% cotton these stylish bags have been beautifully embroidered with a pattern on the front.  The embroidery makes each bag unique as the pattern varies just lightly on each.

There are two bags to choose from, either the ‘Skateboarding Squirrel’ or the ‘Milkshake’.
Each bag measures 34cm by 29cm and can be machine washed which is always an advantage !
These original children’s school satchels can also be used for a daytrip bag or even to carry small toys and books.

Have a look at these school satchels and lots of others at the boutique – School satchels