Month: October 2014



Its our Birthday !  French Blossom is three years old now and we wish to thank you all for your support and kindness during the first years of our adventure.  Over the three years we have partnered with many exciting and talented French children’s designers, met so many interesting people and learnt so much !

To thank you all once again we are offering -20% off the whole FRENCH BLOSSOM boutique for 1 week !
This offer extends from today 17 – 24 October 2014 and excludes items already on sale and promotion.


Original room lighting …………..


If you love room lamps as much as us then these new lights might be of interest !  Designed with molded vinyl and handmade in Spain the original childrens lamps will look great in any room of the home.  In the day they will act as stylish sculptures and then as night falls and the lamps are turned on a soft glowing light will create a dreamy environment.  The detailing in each piece is so high, the hard vinyl looks like porcelain !

Then pineapple lamps come in three different colours, a soft yellow, pink and a mint.   Each pineapple measures 35cm in height and with all the ‘Goodnight lights’ the these lamps emit no heat so can be kept on for hours !

The little owl has to be one of my favourites in this new collection.  Akira the owl lamp measures 23cm in height and 15cm in width.  I have one of these owl lamps at home !  He sits proudly on a shelf and is always a taking point as it is so original.  The molded vinyl allows for great detailing and you can see individual impressions of feathers cleverly designed in the vinyl.

Last but not least the origami boat lamps !  These are so reminiscent of the origami paper boats that we used to play with as children.  These boat lamps are so poetic and fun.  Each boat lamp measures  32cm in length and 16cm in height.

Have a look at all these wonderful children’s room lamps in greater detail here – Goodnight lights

Exciting new wall stickers………………..


We just received several new wall stickers for children at the French Blossom boutique !  Two of our favourites have to be the bear wall sticker and the flying cat wall sticker.  Both these stickers are easily applied to walls or any smooth surface, even windows.  They are also easily removed.

The bear head sticker being only black in colour is perfect for minimalist room designs or for walls that you wish to give a touch of drama to without adding  distracting bright colours.  This bear sticker comes with nine small geometric trees that can be placed in any position you wish.  They add an interesting finishing detail to this wall decoration.

The cat wall sticker on the other hand is more colourful and bright !  The cat is flying up up and away with her bright balloon.  The colourful kite and clouds make this a very poetic and sweet wall sticker for baby nurseries or childrens bedrooms.

See both these stickers and many others in greater detail here – childrens wall stickers