Month: March 2015

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Miawww ! Our Monday Moodboard inspired by Cats

With prints and patterns coming in and out of fashion and designers always looking to inspire with the latest trends we often try to propose items to our customers that are seasonal must haves !  Take for example the pineapple was last years fruit while this year it is certainly the watermelon.  This year brands and designers have focused on the flamingo and we see this bird on wall stickers, posters and as pretty prints on clothing.

One animal that always seems to heavily influence designers, their patterns and work are cats !  Our love for felines is evident in the many items we stock at French Blossom.   We have tried to draw together some of our favourites to create the little moodbard below.  We really fell for some other items while searching the web and had to share these with you too.

Whether a designer takes the overall form of a cat for a lighting design or uses the basic features of a cat to create an original cushion or bag, cats remain a strong theme for creators.

cats inspiration and products for design
Whether you are looking for an original gift idea for someone special or if you are trying to get inspired by the perfect piece of original childrens room decoration, cats are always a fun and popular choice.1. Handmade in France, porcelain coffee cups from Sobigraphie
2. Canvas makeup bag – Petite Mila
3. Cat print cushion – Mimi Lou
4.Cat tote bag from Sobigraphie
5.Ballerinas, Black Cat – Charlotte Olympia
6.Soft toy cat – Jellycat
7.Cat lamp – Vertbaudet

As we are on the subject of cats we had to include the cat mug that is back in stock by popular demand !  Designed by French brand Bandjo the geometric cat pattern mug is a really fun piece of original dishware.

cat mug for children



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My name is Simone – glass cups for children

my name is Simone - designer glasses cups for children

We have been waiting for quite some time to receive these wonderful glass cups from our friend Caroline.  The designer behind the French brand ‘My Name is Simone’ has taken her favourite characters and printed them on these colourful glass cups.  Perfect for childrens birthday parties, special events or everyday use.  There are six glasses in the set and they can be bought together or individually.

Each glass measures 8cm in diameter and 8.5cm in height.  They are dishwasher safe and are certain to be popular with little ones.

The cups make a really great gift idea especially when matched with one of My name is Simone’s cushions.  Three of the personalities on the cups can also be found in the form of cushions !  – Jean Louis, Eudes and Suzanne.

We were a bit hesitant to start stacking the glass cups for the little photograph above but I do believe the result was worth it as they look super all together.  They would be a great focal point on a kitchen shelf arranged in a pyramid like this .
To see these and other original gift ideas for children from the designer come and visit My Name is Simone at French Blossom.

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Have you seen the childrens animal sneakers from Feiyue yet ?

Feiyue animal sneakers for kids - zebra
Feiyue animal sneakers - Elephant
This season, Feiyue have once again come up with some truly exciting and original animal design sneakers for children !  The Elephant and zebra sneakers are a must have for any small children – If only they came in adult sizes  !!

The French designer continues to challenge the standard forms and designs of childrens sneakers creating pieces that are so popular and fun.  Tracing their history back to the 1920’s, Feiyue always looks to evolve and reinvent the styles and forms of their shoes while at the same time maintaining the comfy, durable and stylish ethos strongly associated with the brand.

The elephant inspired sneaker (above) has the design an Elephant on the tongue.  The elephants ears stretch out either side of the shoes tongue while the long elephants trunk goes right down the front and over the laces.  Beautifully detailed, the print on the elephant picks up on the patterns in the elephants skin !  This pattern is also printed on the front of the shoe.

Adding colour and a touch of vibrancy to the Elephant sneakers, the designer has used red along the front and around the ankle of each shoe, while the famous Feiyue logo on the side has been printed in a bright blue.

The zebra kids sneakers are even more flashy and stand out than the elephant shoes !  With the zebra head design on the tongue of the shoe, a second, smaller tongue can be tipped down by the children to reveal the zebra laughing !  We love this little detail and we are certain kids will too !  The black and white stripes of the zebra are printed across the front of the shoe and partly down the sides.   The bright neon pink detailing, the orange Feiyue logo and the bright blue interior of the sneakers give them a modern, urban look.

Children can choose whether to hide the tongue of these shoes inside the the trouser leg or push the tongue forward for everyone to see.

Often shoe designers create sneakers for children but without the children in mind  !  This is impossible to say for these irresistible sneakers that are proving unbelievably popular with kids this season.  – Feiyue Sneakers for kids







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Origami light – original childrens room decoration

origami style paper lamp for childrens bedroom
Origami lamp for children and babies nurseries designed by Mimi Lou

For a long time we have looked for an original origami light to showcase in our childrens lighting section at French Blossom !  When French childrens designer Mimi Lou came up with the fun  design we fell for the light straight away and knew it would be the perfect choice for the boutique !

The light is called ‘Mint Bird’ after the soft pastel green colour and the delicate little bird pattern covering the paper of the light.   The origami light arrives flat and is opened up and clipped together with fine magnets to form the pretty folded paper effect.  The light measures 30 cm in diameter and will become a beautiful focal point in any babies nursery or childrens bedroom.

bird bed linen and wall sticker for children

We love original room decoration for babies and children and the bird pattern light would be perfect if you are looking to design a bird themed childrens room or babies nursery.  You can math the bird pattern with the lovely bird wall sticker also from Mimi lou or why not go for a 3D wall sticker designed by Djeco ! – It will certainly help bring to life a plain flat wall !
For the bed linen, the birds on the wire duvet is pretty and poetic.  It will add the perfect finishing touch to any bird room decoration theme. – Bird pattern bed cover




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Spring is here !

Springtime image Petit Jour Paris plates designed in France

Today is the first day of Spring. I will happily wave goodbye to the dark, cold wet days of Winter ! The clocks change this weekend making the mornings lighter and we are excited to welcome in some warmer weather.  No more excuses for not getting the running shoes on and going for an early morning run.   Its funny how peoples moods change with the weather and everything appears a little easier and we all seem to smile more.  Coming into the office earlier and not freezing but instead being able to ride the bicycle is so pleasant and helps me start the day off in the right way!

With it being the first day of Spring today, we were thinking about which pieces from French Blossom we would share with you.  – Items that have a real Spring feel !

Last week we received a wonderful collection of dishware from Petit Jour Paris.  Nathalie Lété has worked in partnership with Petit Jour to create really fabulous plates and cups for children.  Made from Melanime, each light weight piece is a soft pastel colour and has the playful, dreamy illustrations of Nathalie’s work printed all over them.  I think our favourite has to be the robin cup and matching robin plate.  There are also a set of delicate flower plates, a cat cup and plate and a little baby deer plate. – These pieces are the perfect addition to the boutique this Spring and make lvely original gift ideas for young children!

Have a look at all the beautiful childrens mealtime collection here – Petit Jour Paris

Not only were we celebrating the first day of spring today, we also experienced a solar eclipse !!


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Wildlife posters – original and poetic room decoration

bird wall poster for children, original room decoration
butterfly wall poster for children original room deco

These new wall posters for children are really wonderful as original room decoration !  They look great in a frame or simply stuck on the wall with coloured tape.  Each poster measures 60cm x 40cm and has been designed and printed here in France.

We were struck by the beautiful colours and fabulous illustrations that make these detailed childrens wall posters so special !  Although we called the bottom poster a butterfly poster for children, in the design there are also a number of creepy crawlies and insects certain to inspire little ones, while top poster, is full of pretty birds sitting on their branches singing happily.

Not only do these childrens wall posters look delightful , they are also a perfect way to teach kids about the names of common birds and insects they might see in the garden or when on holidays.  The names have been written in French by the artist so children will be able to look learn the names in French and then look up the English.

Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm printed on 200grm paper.

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Sweet darling : Lula’s nursery

Lula's bedroom

We really love Lula’s nursery design !  Lula is the daughter of the wonderul illustrator Chloé Fleury who is French but lives in San Francisco.  The geometric rabbit heads are so original and have been designed and handmade by Chloe – Chloé Fleury.  The triangular wall stickers are a great feature to break up a white wall and we are big fans of the cloud shaped hooks for hanging up clothing.  The pink rocking chair next to the baby cot works so well in this room !

Paper rabbits:  Chloé Fleury  ♥  Rocking chair : Modernica ♥  Cloud cushion : Etsy ♥ Cloud coat hook : hand-made  ♥  Fur rug : Ikea

If you love cloud  room decoration for babies nurseries and childrens bedrooms, you should also have a look at the fun cloud soft toy and the cloud rug at French Blossom.


children's bedroom decoration

Above are a few more designs and ideas that caught our eyes.  Pastel colours, graphic forms and original wall decoration are always so inspiring … Here at French Blossom we love these stylish bedrooms !

Sources : Dying of cute, issuu, Starwoman, Bastisrike, Etsy

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Bang Bang Kid New sculptures

Bang Bang Kid cowboy and indian sculptures
The new collections of resin sculptures from Bang Bang Kid have just arrived at the French Blossom shop !  I think our favourites have to be the new turquoise and soft rose Indians.  The sculptures are 40cm in height and are really beautifully detailed.  The Indian instead of holding a gun in one hand (as he did in the old collection), is now holding a round shield, while in his other hand he holds up his spear adorned with feathers ! – His name is  ‘Chief Red Cloud’ by the way.

‘Young Seven Up’ is the name of the cowboy and he comes in several new colours but his design remains the same.   – He is the fastest gunslinger in the wild west !

Emilie continues to design these wonderful sculptures from her studios in Paris.  We are huge fans of her work here at French Blossom.  Have a look at all these cowboy and Indian sculptures plus her original coat hooks – Bang Bang Kid




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Black and White Inspiration

black and white designer board for style French Blossom

‘Black and White’ is a little mood board that we photographed at the office last week ! Black and white tones are always inspiring for us, so this was really fun picking out pieces to create the theme !
The masking tapes were the first elements we added.  The two rolls used in this shoot were the black hearts and the black dots !  The note book or (cahier) as people here in France would call it, is a new item from our friend Hélène who is the designer behind Studio Jolis Momes.  This note book is chic and stylish and perfect for the office, shopping trips or for just noting down great ideas !  The cover has been inspired by the rock marble.  The book has been made in France.  In fact each piece on this mood board has been Made in France except for the masking tapes !

The black and white greeting card is new at French Blossom.  Designed by Cinq Mai, the greeting card is in the form of a postcard on the back, while the front is poetic and dreamy with the word ‘Love’ written in freehand !  Great to send to someone special, this card comes with a pretty ivory coloured envelope.

Titlee is a new designer we are partnering with.  The beautiful jewellery is made in France and our collection is for both children and women.  The two pieces in this mood board are little heart bracelets.  The heart shapes are very original. Unsymmetrical in form they are really delicate in appearance .  The chains are made from gold.

We enjoyed creating this little mood board so much we will be working on more very soon  !!


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Rennes à coup de cœur – City Guide

Rennes à coup de cœur city guide
Rennes city guide
We were so excited last weekend to be invited to the much anticipated launch party for the ‘Rennes à coup de cœur City Guide’.

Our friend Kahina organised the event and is the driving force behind this fabulous new city guide !  Packed full of inspiring local restaurants and must visit addresses, all the best hot-spots in Rennes have been featured.

Discover the perfect restaurants, bars and tea houses in the city.  Find out about new hotels, art galleries, music venues and much more !  The guide is great for all those who live in Rennes but also as a book for tourists visiting the region.

It was fun to be present at the event and meet so many people who not only appeared in the book but helped bring it to life.

If you love the Brittany region of France as much as us, you can pick up this guide book at – Forum du Livre
Rennes a coup de coeur guide of Rennes