Month: February 2016

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Fashion Favorite : Tiny Cottons

Potted Plant Tops and Leggings

Tartan T-Shirt

When you think about Spain, the first things that usually come to mind are the sun, beaches, sightseeing… In short, holidays. But what about the textile industry some would say?

Well today, this is what I am going to talk about: Spanish Fashion. And more specifically, kids fashion with a brand we simply love here at French Blossom: Tiny Cottons.

Tiny Cottons was created in 2012 in Barcelona but it was one year later that they presented their first collection, which was a great success. They quickly became well-known in the children fashion universe as a fun brand with unique designs and high quality fabrics. Indeed, they use pima cotton (superior blend of cotton, durable and very absorbent) combined with lightweight cotton woven fabrics, knitted cotton yarns and light denim.

Their motto? Be as imaginative as kids and be as bold and not so serious as they can be. However, as a brand selling clothes, being creative is not the only criteria they have. Making good, long lasting products is just as important as being a fun favourite for kids.

This year, Tiny Cottons new collection is full of sun ! After the team created their little office garden, they decided to take the plants theme a little further. This spring and summer will be all about graphic stories and refreshing colours such as white, green, terracotta, pastel blue and light pink. Among the different patterns, you’ll be able to find potted plants, water textures and even ants tracks! In short, everything to make garden lovers happy, even from the youngest age.

Have a look at this new collection on our website and give in to these original patterns right here – Tiny Cottons !

Tartan t-shirt and Water Legging

Green Tartan Dress




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Sketch Inc – original handmade jewellery

Brooches Set Sketch Inc

Origami Bird Brooch

Sometimes it can be really challenging to find pieces of jewellery that are both original and refined. During endless hours of searching, if you are like me, you may have asked  yourself questions like – “is it fun without being too childish?” or “is it refined without being too classical?”.

Well, here at French Blossom we know the brand that might be just perfect for you: Sketch Inc. Created by Becky Kemp in 2011, Sketch Inc started life in her little studio in the South-East of England.

Entirely handmade, all her creations start on her sketchbook. Becky has always loved sketching and painting ideas as the start of the design process. Her style is a combination between Nordic design and Japanese illustration, two things that have always inspired her.

Becky creates a variety of  products from fun coat hooks, wooden doll characters, plus really adorable greeting cards… We really love are her brooches! Whether being colourful or black and white, made of metal or wood, they will undoubtedly stand out from other brooches thanks to their originality.

Discover the adorable magical unicorn that will please every little girl (and even grown-ups). The soft colours and the golden touch make it easy to match with any outfit so you can take this brooch everywhere with you and stand out from the croud!

We also fell for the lovely panda brooch and its geometrical print. The black, white and gold colours make this graphic brooch feel so modern and stylish. !

If you are a bit curious about Sketch Inc brooches, discover our selection right there – Sketch Inc French Blossom !

Unicorn Brooch

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

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Rose In April at French Blossom

Rose in April Bedroom

Are you looking for a decoration that is funny yet refined with a delicate vintage feeling? Then today is your lucky day because we have the perfect brand for you: Rose In April.

Rose In April is a little French designer that started in 2013 and that sells decorative items for children. Elodie, the creator of this brand, got the idea when she became a Mum herself. Always fond of decoration, she started to get interested by the kid universe when Rose, her daughter, showed the tip of her little nose.

Her motto: to create objects that she would like to have in her bedroom if she was a little girl again. This is how she finds ideas of shapes, objects, materials, illustrations, colours and more. Her style? Refreshingly colourful and delicately vintage. You can thus find among her creations funny cushions with circus animals, warm blankets, lovely triple or simple shelves and even star-shaped cushions!

At French Blossom, we love the universe she created for her products and especially the great triple and simple shelves. In salmon, white, yellow or blue, they can match any decoration type thanks to their simple yet original style. With them, you can display your holiday photos, the new potted plant you just bought or your favourite books. You children can use them to expose their beloved trinkets and most appreciated books.

We also love the new blankets Elodie came up with! Knitted with high quality cotton yarn, they are super soft, warm and comfortable for your little ones. During cold winter days, they will be happy to snuggle into them for their nap! In pale pink or in salmon, they will look lovely in a little girl’s room.

And the good news is, on our website, from 150€ of purchase, the shipping is free! Why not use this opportunity and take a look at the lovely Rose In April products we have right here: Rose In April at French Blossom !

Pink and White Triple Shelves

Pale Pink Knitted Blanket

Circus Animals Cushions

Pink, Blue and Grey Blankets

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Play And Go: the ingenuity of one bag

Storage Bag for Kids Play and Go

Ever dreamed about having something making it possible for you to avoid hours of hide-and-seek with your kid’s favourite toy he just lost? Or having to spend your whole day off tidying after him? The answer is probably yes.

Well, search no more, here at French Blossom, we have the perfect solution and it’s called Play and Go.

Now, you will probably wonder what Play and Go is? Based in Belgium, the designer creates bags with cheerful colours and patterns. These bags however are unlike any other and have a practical double use: from a storage bag, they can change into a play mat in only a few seconds!

With a large diameter of 140 cm, the play mat is super comfy for your little ones and the storage bag is perfect for holding plush toys, Lego, little soldiers, construction cubes, dolls…. anything you child plays with, really. Still not convinced? These products are guaranteed 3 years and are made of high quality cotton fabric that will last a long time and resist the years of playing your child still has ahead of him / her!

How does it work? Very simply: you only have to tighten the strings located on the outer circle of the mat and tada! You have a storage bag that captured every toy that was laying on it. The pretty patterns available also turn the bag into a nice decorative item when it is not in use. Anchors, moustaches, super-heroes, geometrical patterns or just plain colours, you will surely find a design that can match you current decoration. Hung from a coat hook or simply put in a corner of the room, it can be stored in no time.

But these are not the only advantages of Play and Go products. This storage bag, thanks to its practical strings, can also be a toy transport bag! Your child will then be able to play wherever he wants without needing to move all his toys one by one or risking losing some of them in the process. In his bedroom, the living room, at a friend’s or at his grandparents, at the beach or at the park, this bag can be taken with him anywhere he wants. And if you don’t want to carry it by hand, you can also put it in a suitcase or a large backpack.

Interested in these bags that will soon become a classic? Have a look right here –  Play and Go French Blossom !

Storage Bag Shuttlecock

Red Toy Bag Play and Go

Moustache Bag Play and Go

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Vintage and Stylish Decoration with Nobodinoz

Bibs from Nobodinoz

Monkey Placemat

Barcelona is the capital of Cataluña, in Spain. It is also where Nobodinoz is located. Never heard of Nobodinoz? Do not worry, this is the subject of today’s article so we hope to give you a taste for this wonderful Spanish brand.

Nobodinoz was created in 2006 by a couple uniting two countries: France and Spain. Murielle and Roman Bressan, following the success of their concept store in Barcelona, decided to create their own brand and this is how Nobodinoz was born.

At French Blossom, we love the graphic designs, the bright colours and the fun patterns that are certain to brighten up any room you decide to put them in. Their products, original yet refined, are easy to match with your decoration because you are certain to  find at least one pattern that you will love.  Choose from pastel pink and green diamonds or pretty mustard stars.  Maybe black and white is the theme of your room and if so the black and white zigzag patterns are so stylish !

Moreover, every product is made in Spain or France with a true desire to highlight local know-how. The materials are also chosen with great care so you can be sure that you won’t find anything toxic in the colorants or fabrics used. Perfect for a nursery or your children’s room!

Curious about Nobodinoz products ? Have a look and decide for yourself if you are going to give in to these lovely items ! French Blossom

Storage Bag Black & White

Room decoration in yellow

Changing mat and bag - Green diamonds

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Mood Board for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your other half?
Worry no more ! At French Blossom we have thought about this special day and have up with some great ideas that we hope you will love. Here are our favourites:

If you are feeling poetic, the lovely notebooks from Les Editions du Paon are a match for you. The beautiful covers in soft colours and the original yet refined patterns make them the perfect place to write what you feel like about the one you love. Not only will they make great poem collections, they can also be used as travel diaries, secret recipe keepers or simply note recorders.

Now, how about creating a nice atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day dinner with a candle? The ones created by Kerzon smell heavenly and will surround you and your loved one with a cloud of Jasmin and musk, a perfect mix between floral and earthy smells. The soft glow they have when lit will set a romantic mood that can be easily improved with a bit of background music. Bonus: this candle comes with a scented sachet with the same perfume so your drawers can smell nice too.

If elegance is what you are looking for, then the superb minimalist jewels created by Titlee are your solution. They will undoubtedly fit every morphology and their golden colour will make every women shine (with happiness). Sophisticated and refined, these jewels can be worn with many fashion styles, for a special event or for the every-day life.

If you are looking for something your loved ones can wear, then these brooches created by Macon & Lesquoy are just great !  Entirely handmade, they are actually embroidered which makes each piece unique. Rest assured that no one else will have them around the lucky receiver, which makes it even better.

And why not add a card with your gift? Cinq Mai has a wide range of lovely designs and colours on which you will be able to write a message just for him or her. From a simple heart to a heartfelt message, you will certainly find a card perfect for you.

Find all these lovely items and much more at the boutique – French Blossom

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Poudre Organic x Mathilde Cabanas – Bisou collection

Jacket and legging combination

T-shirt and Jacket

Baby wearing Poudre Organic clothes

T-shirt and ambiance

Today is all about fashion. And by fashion, I mean delicate and adorable baby fashion. Today, I am going to talk about Poudre Organic, a lovely French brand that joined our amazing designers, here at French Blossom.

Born from the imagination of Manon, an amazing Mum passionate about kids fashion and ecology, Poudre Organic made its way, in 2014, in the child fashion industry with products as soft as they are original: baby nappies, bibs, bodysuits and a whole range of delicate clothes. And everything is made in Portugal or France with organic cotton. Every ingredient to guarantee an irresistible softness and unmistakable comfort for your small ones are right there.

At French Blossom, we particularly like the Capsule Collection “Bisou” that Poudre Organic designed in collaboration with Mathilde Cabanas, illustrator and artist from Nantes. Together, Manon and Mathilde designed four adorable pieces in limited edition.  The collection includes: an embroidered jean jacket, a white t-shirt brightened by a “Bisou” as well as a bodysuit and a stripped leggings.

The ethic philosophy of Poudre Organic and the talent of Mathilde blend together in this beautiful collection filled with poetic and tender tones. Thanks to this limited edition, you will be able to cover your little ones from head to toe with love and you will not be able to resist the urge to kiss them all over ! 💋💋💋 Hence the name of the collection ‘Bisou’  which means kiss in French.


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Minois Paris, a baby cosmetics brand made with love

Complete Set Minois Paris

Nowadays, finding a good product for your little one that won’t hurt his or her skin is definitely not an easy job with all the brands flooding the market. Does it have attractive packaging ? Does it smell nicely but not too strongly ? And more importantly, is it efficient but not aggressive ?

Well, you don’t have to look any further, at French Blossom, we have the solution and its name is Minois Paris. This French brand, created in 2014, offers three different products entirely made with natural ingredients that are certified with no paraben, no sulfate, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone and no colorants: a shower gel for body and hair, a moisturizing cream for face and skin and an alcohol free scented fresh water.

Being perfectly safe for your baby’s skin is not the only advantage of these products. The poetic and stylish design of the products mean  they will look great displayed in your bathroom while their floral scent will smell just wonderful on a baby.

Here at French Blossom, we had the chance to try the cream and the scented water and we simply loved them ! The texture of the “Crème Douce” (as Minois Paris call it) feels wonderful under your fingers and once it has penetrated the skin, it leaves it as soft as a baby’s, as some would say, with a discreet yet pleasant fresh sent. The same can be said about the “Eau Légère” : easy to spray on, it surrounds you with a fresh and floral cloud of softness, thanks to its orange blossom scent.

The “Gel Délicat” for body and hair is just as good. This shower gel’s soft texture is gentle on the skin of a baby and it leaves a discreet fresh scent. Along with the cream for moisturizing the skin after the bath, these two products make the perfect team for helping parents keep their little ones happy and comfortable in their own skin.

We are truly happy to start this new adventure with Minois Paris. The soft and poetic world around her french natural baby skincare products is really on point and we are sure that they are going to become a classic in every parent’s home ! Let your curiosity be the best of you and discover the three products right here – Minois Paris !

Shower Gel Minois Paris

Sented Water Minois Paris

Minois Paris Soft CreamCrédit Photo : Aurélie Lecuyer

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Lightboxes – A little lovely company

lightbox - a little lovely company - lamps
A5 lightbox - childrens room lighting
lightbox for children - original lighting

The wonderful lightboxes have finally arrived at the boutique !

These fun and original lights will make a talking point in any room of the home.  Slot in the letters to create a personal message or simply spell out a name.  The light box comes in two different sizes, and A4 version that measures 22cm x 30cm and has three lines to write a message.  Alternatively the A5 lightbox measures 20cm x15cm and has two lines to slot in the little letters.
Both lightboxes would make a really original baby gift idea and will look stunning in a nursery or childrens bedroom, with the light on or off !

The lightboxes have been inspired by the old vintage style cinema lights, where the name of the films were simply highlighted by their titles on a well lit background.  The new lights are certain to bring back a bit of nostalgia to older generations.

Each light is either powered by 6 x 1,5V AA batteries or an adapter 9V DC500 mA.  Personally I prefer the battery power option as it allows you to move the lightboxes freely around the room, place on a shelf or even on a table in the middle of the room.  You could also hang the lightbox from a wall as there are two little hooks at the back.  Using the battery power option will give much more freedom to where you position the light.

Designed by A little lovely Light Company in the Netherlands, the company also creates wonderful mini pear lights and cloud lamps too !