Month: June 2016

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Beautiful and Poetic handmade creations: Scalaë

Mobile Baleine de Scalaë

This week, we received the beautiful new pieces from Scalaë, so what better time to introduce you to this beautiful French designer.

Scalaë was created by Laëtitia, in Marseille, the South of France. At first, Laëtitia was only creating small pieces and childrens accessories for herself and sharing the results on her blog. Her creations however did not go unnoticed and quite soon, many people wanted her to design something for them too ! Laëtitia began creating new pieces, not only for herself, but for all her friends that love handmade creations too !

Her favourite theme? Animals! In the charming collections of Scalaë, you will  be able to find birds such as cockatoos, swans, parrots, peacocks . You will also find a mama whale with her baby as a beutiful handmade room mobile.

At French Blossom, we love Laëtitia’s creations that bring a touch of originality to a childrens bedroom or a babies nursery. These beautiful creations are certain to add a touch of poetry and dreaminess to any decoration.

My personal favourite? Gaspard, the peacock handmade mobile that has been made exclusively for us. Coming in pink or blue, this little bird is just stunning with its long feathery tail. We love the association of soft cream white with bright colours that will surely brighten up any room you choose to display it in!

But Gaspard is not the only exclusivity you will find on our online shop, Nino the cockatoo is also one of a kind. With its warm expression, this sleepy cockatoo is perfect to help lulling your child to sleep while adding pastel softness to the room.

If you are more of an aquatic person however, you will probably be more appealed by the superb whale mobile. Showcasing a mother whale and its baby, this mobile will look lovely in a baby nursery and their peaceful expression will surely help little babies to sleep soundly.

Love these beautiful handmade pieces? Then do not hesitate any longer.  –  Discover all these pretty creations on our website: Scalaë – French Blossom!

Nino le Cacatoès blanc de Scalaë

Peacock Mobile Scalae

Nino the white cockatoo

Peacock Mobile Pink and blue

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Feel fresh with Nobodinoz !

Green Scales and Polka Dots Ambiance

Now that the sun is shining and that the sky takes a beautiful blue shade more often, it could be the perfect time to bring some freshness to the room of your little one! Today, we chose several products from Nobodinoz that might help do just that.

As you may already know, Nobodinoz is a Spanish brand that specializes in children room decoration and furniture. They create a fun universe, full of bright colours, graphic designs and sometimes vintage touches.

For this spring, we particularly like their green scale design that is both soft thanks to the round edges of the pattern and fresh thanks to the lovely mint colour! This motif is certain to bring some originality to any room.

Great for both a boys or girls bedroom, this design feels like summer!

Discover this pattern and more on our website: Nobodinoz – French Blossom!

Yellow and Green Scales and Diamonds Pink and Green Scales and Diamonds Storage Bag Green Scales Green Scales Placemat

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New Collections : Having fun with Emile et Ida!

Sweatshirt Sardines


Sweatshirt Cheeseburger. Today, we will focus on Emile et Ida and their wonderfully fun Spring Summer collection!

But first, a few words about the brand. Created in 2010 by two tailors’ daughters, Emile et Ida is a brand not like the others. Making clothes for school does not interest them.

Making clothes in which kids can have fun at birthday parties, during the holidays, during the weekend and more generally, during happy days! Of course, you can wear their clothes for school too! 😉

Their collections are always original, playful and full of wonders. Perfect for going out or staying in! The collections are predominantly made in Portugal with certain pieces made in other European countries !

Now, about this summer collection, it is as usual super original and fun! It’s hard for us to resist the sweater with small burgers all over it. Same goes for the little baby bottles pattern or the “I’m always hungry” t-shirt. Your little ones will look so adorable you will just want to eat them.

You can also find in this new collection some extraordinary animals such as sardines with hats or hippopotamuses with bowties and headphones. But don’t forget about the cat bags or the backpacks covered with cars to complete any cool kid’s outift!

But this season is not only about original patterns. You can also find lovely simple pieces with powdered and soft pastel colours. They are ideal for a more poetic and dreamy outfit for little girls.

You will surely find a piece that you will love in this new collection from Emile et Ida just like we did! Discover the beautiful Spring / Summer Collection of Emile et Ida  at French !

Overalls Chambray

Parrot T-Shirt

Cat Bag Lemon