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French Blossom blog has been created by Frenchblossom.com or on a more personal level Meriem and Nicholas and its our blog from France.

Although neither of us are originally from France, we met here and have both lived and travelled around France for many years. The French Blossom blog draws upon our experiences, inspirations, discoveries and stories from within France and sometimes further afield. – Design, photography, food and travel are just some of the interests close to our heart, as is business we are discovering.

While we look to share many of our daily findings and observations, the French Blossom blog will focus in on the beautiful celebration of French fashion, accessories and design for children. We look to showcase the best of this fashion on our French website Frenchblossom.com
The French Blossom website highlights the very best, exclusively French, Independent children’s designers and boutiques from right around France. Frenchblossom.com provides a platform to discover these talented designers and boutiques, their stories and many of their unique and limited edition creations.

Through our blog we will discover many new places in our search for the best chic and stylish children’s clothing, toys and accessories.

It is so easy to fall in love with France! From the romantic cities, the rich culture, architecture and art to the fantastic food and chic fashion.
The French have preserved many of the finer aspects of living. The beautiful independent chocolate shops, bakeries and cheese shops to the wonderful outdoor markets brimming with fresh and marvelous creations make France a treasure trove of daily discoveries.

-Why not follow us on our adventures of discovery, business endeavors and travel though this wonderful country ?

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