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Tropicool Ambiance with Goodnight Light’s pineapple lamps

Pineapple Lamp Set

If you like the Tropicool trend, you will definitely love these great pineapple lamps made by Goodnight Light.  Yesterday we had some fun in the office and took pictures of the lamps in all sorts of settings to share with you here at the blog!

The pineapple lamps certainly are poetic and stylish with a touch of vintage. Available in many colours, they can fit numerous decoration styles and are ideal as a gift idea for adults as well as children !

The lamps are perfect for children as they do not heat up and can help you create a warm glowing ambiance in their rooms at night.  The LED light bulbs are really economic and the fact they are handmade make them super original.

Why not turn the lamps into simple sculptures ?   You only have to remove the power cable! Measuring 32 cm in height and being fairly light weight, you can put them anywhere you wish! On a shelf, on a dresser, on a night table.

If you want to find out more about these amazing pineapple lamps, take a look at the in greater detail online at the shop : Goodnight Lights !

Pineapple lamp and Varanassi carpet

Gold, Bronze & Silver Pineapple Lamps


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Rose In April at French Blossom

Rose in April Bedroom

Are you looking for a decoration that is funny yet refined with a delicate vintage feeling? Then today is your lucky day because we have the perfect brand for you: Rose In April.

Rose In April is a little French designer that started in 2013 and that sells decorative items for children. Elodie, the creator of this brand, got the idea when she became a Mum herself. Always fond of decoration, she started to get interested by the kid universe when Rose, her daughter, showed the tip of her little nose.

Her motto: to create objects that she would like to have in her bedroom if she was a little girl again. This is how she finds ideas of shapes, objects, materials, illustrations, colours and more. Her style? Refreshingly colourful and delicately vintage. You can thus find among her creations funny cushions with circus animals, warm blankets, lovely triple or simple shelves and even star-shaped cushions!

At French Blossom, we love the universe she created for her products and especially the great triple and simple shelves. In salmon, white, yellow or blue, they can match any decoration type thanks to their simple yet original style. With them, you can display your holiday photos, the new potted plant you just bought or your favourite books. You children can use them to expose their beloved trinkets and most appreciated books.

We also love the new blankets Elodie came up with! Knitted with high quality cotton yarn, they are super soft, warm and comfortable for your little ones. During cold winter days, they will be happy to snuggle into them for their nap! In pale pink or in salmon, they will look lovely in a little girl’s room.

And the good news is, on our website, from 150€ of purchase, the shipping is free! Why not use this opportunity and take a look at the lovely Rose In April products we have right here: Rose In April at French Blossom !

Pink and White Triple Shelves

Pale Pink Knitted Blanket

Circus Animals Cushions

Pink, Blue and Grey Blankets