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Creative wall posters from Minimel

Designer childrens wall posters - Minimel for blog

Designed and printed in France, these wonderfully original and fun illustrations have been created by Minimel ! My personal favourite is the Indian panda ! All the posters measure 42cm 29cm and look stylish on any wall of the home, not just a children’s bedroom ! As well as these fun wall posters, many of the prints can also be found in greeting cards and tote bags ! You should have a look at the tiger with glasses print tote bag, its really great !
If you are looking for an original handmade gift for children from France, Melanie, the designer behind Minimel is certain to provide some inspiring ideas.
See all the collection of paper products and bags right here – Minimel

Original room lighting …………..


If you love room lamps as much as us then these new lights might be of interest !  Designed with molded vinyl and handmade in Spain the original childrens lamps will look great in any room of the home.  In the day they will act as stylish sculptures and then as night falls and the lamps are turned on a soft glowing light will create a dreamy environment.  The detailing in each piece is so high, the hard vinyl looks like porcelain !

Then pineapple lamps come in three different colours, a soft yellow, pink and a mint.   Each pineapple measures 35cm in height and with all the ‘Goodnight lights’ the these lamps emit no heat so can be kept on for hours !

The little owl has to be one of my favourites in this new collection.  Akira the owl lamp measures 23cm in height and 15cm in width.  I have one of these owl lamps at home !  He sits proudly on a shelf and is always a taking point as it is so original.  The molded vinyl allows for great detailing and you can see individual impressions of feathers cleverly designed in the vinyl.

Last but not least the origami boat lamps !  These are so reminiscent of the origami paper boats that we used to play with as children.  These boat lamps are so poetic and fun.  Each boat lamp measures  32cm in length and 16cm in height.

Have a look at all these wonderful children’s room lamps in greater detail here – Goodnight lights

Recycled greeting cards………………………

We have just received some really fun new greeting cards at the boutique !  Designed in France and printed with recycled paper, these greeting cards are perfect to send to children for their birthdays or on special occasions.  Each card measures 17cm x 12cm and comes with a recycled paper envelope.

A little surprise awaits in each card !  A cut out paper sculpture can be folded into the form of the animal on the front of the card !  The 3D paper sculpture measures 9cm in height.
Have a look at these new childrens greeting cards and our other cards at the boutique –
Greeting cards and Invitations

The wonderful illustrations of Lieke van der Vorst…………………….

I stumbled upon the wonderful illustrations of Lieke, not so long ago and had to create a blog post with some of my favourite pieces !

Lieke van der Vorst is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands.  You can commission Lieke to create original pieces of art or you can buy selected illustrations from her lovely shop.

Liekeland illustraties en producten

The wonderful illustrations of Marloes de Vries……………

I love the playful and fun illustrations of Marloes de Vries.  I had to share them with you!  Born in the Netherlands, Marloes began her career as a graphic designer and arts director but quickly found her calling in life as an illustrator.

Here whimsical, sweet illustrations are really delightful.  One of my favourites has to be the girl flying high above the houses in her magical cardboard box aeroplane. – This super illustration delves into the imagination of children so well!

Discover more illustrations from Marloes at her blog

Skeleton Street art………………………….

Had to share with you this photo I took last week when leaving a metro station in Paris.  How can you not love a bit of ‘Skeleton Street Art’!!

Kim Anderson Illustrations…………………………

Bright, fun and magical!  The original illustrations from Kim Anderson are something I had to share with you on the French Blossom blog.  Working from her studios in Brighton, on the south coast of England, the artist gets her inspiration from ”colours and textures in everyday life”.

Kim Anderson has had many of her illustrations published into greeting cards you can even buy your own affordable prints of the artist’s work via her etsy shop Kimandersonart.

Kim Anderson has her own website – Kim Anderson

Source of images

Mortar concept from Push + Pull Products……………..

As you might know, I love gardening and am always looking for new ideas and projects in the garden.  Now that we live in an apartment I need to find fun and unusual pots for the terrace.  Although this is not a new design from Push +Pull Products, I love the fun and unusual way they have taken a housing block design and used it as the theme for a concrete pot, full of details down to the stairs, balconies and windows.  Love this idea !


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Unsightly Yoga balls, fear not !

How many of you have bought a yoga ball, used it for a little while and then left it in the corner of the room, using it only from time to time? Hands up! My hand is up because i did just that.  With lots of good intentions, I bought one of these yoga balls, it was blue in colour and not matching anything in the home but this was for fitness and health so colour wasn’t priority – plus the only other colours in the shop were bright pink or neon yellow, so blue it was!

For the first few months, I used this yoga ball regularly to help stretching and a niggling back problem.  However, looking at this great big blue yoga ball in the corner of my room  did eventually get too much for me and I let the air down and the ball is packed away in a cupboard somewhere now. – Good news is, I did soon after join a gym! (These yoga balls also never stay where you put them.  Place them in a corner and they will inevitably roll all over the room, knocking things over.  Anyone who has had one of these yoga balls will know exactly what i mean.  No one in the shop told me it would be imperative to have one of those stands like they have in gyms for these balls.

If only I had known about these great yoga ball covers, (above) (a collaboration between ‘Page Thirty Three’ and  Texan Artist Magda Sayeg), I think my yoga ball would still take pride of place in the house.  I wrote about ‘Page Thirty Three’ Design agency in an older post but had to share with you this idea, the ‘Knitted yoga ball’.  – The way they have converted a boring yoga ball into a piece of art, a sculptural piece is such a great idea.  You can still use the ball for yoga purposes, or as a seat or even let it roll around the home, but it will roll around looking stylish!


Abstractions Anonymes Exhibition in Paris

If you happen to be visiting Lyon, why not go and have a look at an exhibition called “Abstractions Anonymes” being presented at the Galerie ‘Sans Titre’.  The exhibition runs until the 4th November 2012 and cleverly plays with a combination of abstract shapes and forms. The art piece in this post plays with 3d objects and flat imagery to create a piece rich in depth and movement