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Beautiful and Poetic handmade creations: Scalaë

Mobile Baleine de Scalaë

This week, we received the beautiful new pieces from Scalaë, so what better time to introduce you to this beautiful French designer.

Scalaë was created by Laëtitia, in Marseille, the South of France. At first, Laëtitia was only creating small pieces and childrens accessories for herself and sharing the results on her blog. Her creations however did not go unnoticed and quite soon, many people wanted her to design something for them too ! Laëtitia began creating new pieces, not only for herself, but for all her friends that love handmade creations too !

Her favourite theme? Animals! In the charming collections of Scalaë, you will  be able to find birds such as cockatoos, swans, parrots, peacocks . You will also find a mama whale with her baby as a beutiful handmade room mobile.

At French Blossom, we love Laëtitia’s creations that bring a touch of originality to a childrens bedroom or a babies nursery. These beautiful creations are certain to add a touch of poetry and dreaminess to any decoration.

My personal favourite? Gaspard, the peacock handmade mobile that has been made exclusively for us. Coming in pink or blue, this little bird is just stunning with its long feathery tail. We love the association of soft cream white with bright colours that will surely brighten up any room you choose to display it in!

But Gaspard is not the only exclusivity you will find on our online shop, Nino the cockatoo is also one of a kind. With its warm expression, this sleepy cockatoo is perfect to help lulling your child to sleep while adding pastel softness to the room.

If you are more of an aquatic person however, you will probably be more appealed by the superb whale mobile. Showcasing a mother whale and its baby, this mobile will look lovely in a baby nursery and their peaceful expression will surely help little babies to sleep soundly.

Love these beautiful handmade pieces? Then do not hesitate any longer.  –  Discover all these pretty creations on our website: Scalaë – French Blossom!

Nino le Cacatoès blanc de Scalaë

Peacock Mobile Scalae

Nino the white cockatoo

Peacock Mobile Pink and blue

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Feel fresh with Nobodinoz !

Green Scales and Polka Dots Ambiance

Now that the sun is shining and that the sky takes a beautiful blue shade more often, it could be the perfect time to bring some freshness to the room of your little one! Today, we chose several products from Nobodinoz that might help do just that.

As you may already know, Nobodinoz is a Spanish brand that specializes in children room decoration and furniture. They create a fun universe, full of bright colours, graphic designs and sometimes vintage touches.

For this spring, we particularly like their green scale design that is both soft thanks to the round edges of the pattern and fresh thanks to the lovely mint colour! This motif is certain to bring some originality to any room.

Great for both a boys or girls bedroom, this design feels like summer!

Discover this pattern and more on our website: Nobodinoz – French Blossom!

Yellow and Green Scales and Diamonds Pink and Green Scales and Diamonds Storage Bag Green Scales Green Scales Placemat

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Rose In April: fresh and vintage decoration for this spring

Pink Shelve Rose In April

Now that spring is here, the sun is starting to shine and warmer days are on their way, it could be a great time to rejuvenate a bit our interior decoration! And for that, here at French Blossom, we would like to propose the fabulous shelves from Rose In April !

Beautifully crafted and available in simple or triple design and many different colours, they are perfect to bring a fresh and original feel to your decoration. The shelves can easily blend in with a variety of room styles, both for childrens bedrooms, living room or kitchen. The wood shelves are made from MDF wood and are painted with water based paints, while the metal supports are a black metal on all the models.  The shelves are 14cm in width so do not protrude far into a room and they are 66cm in length.

These shelves will be perfect to display your favourite treasures. Geometrical items can be mixed with lovely glass vases with bright flowers and candles that smell like spring. Plants in pots can be associated with beautiful books that you like to read and read again. Actions figures can sit next to adorable pictures in your little ones room. With these Rose In April Shelves, everything is possible!

Feel like you are ready for some change of decoration? Find the shelves and more in our section of Rose In April at French Blossom

We have recently received arrivals from the designer, so here at the blog we are giving a sneek at new items you can find at our boutique.

If you liked the soft and mellow cotton blankets in grey, pink and salmon,  you will love the new colour, a warm yellow reminding us of sunflowers and warm summer days spent outside. Nothing better than being comfortably wrapped up in a piece of sun to take a nap.

Yellow Blanket

Another new addition to our selection are the beautiful wooden stools, full of colours! Either in pink and yellow or aqua blue and pink, these stools give off a soft and vintage feeling. The poetic colours painted with water based paints and the wonderful beech wood legs, make this stool a great gift idea for children.

Wooden Stools


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Tropicool Ambiance with Goodnight Light’s pineapple lamps

Pineapple Lamp Set

If you like the Tropicool trend, you will definitely love these great pineapple lamps made by Goodnight Light.  Yesterday we had some fun in the office and took pictures of the lamps in all sorts of settings to share with you here at the blog!

The pineapple lamps certainly are poetic and stylish with a touch of vintage. Available in many colours, they can fit numerous decoration styles and are ideal as a gift idea for adults as well as children !

The lamps are perfect for children as they do not heat up and can help you create a warm glowing ambiance in their rooms at night.  The LED light bulbs are really economic and the fact they are handmade make them super original.

Why not turn the lamps into simple sculptures ?   You only have to remove the power cable! Measuring 32 cm in height and being fairly light weight, you can put them anywhere you wish! On a shelf, on a dresser, on a night table.

If you want to find out more about these amazing pineapple lamps, take a look at the in greater detail online at the shop : Goodnight Lights !

Pineapple lamp and Varanassi carpet

Gold, Bronze & Silver Pineapple Lamps


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Vintage and Stylish Decoration with Nobodinoz

Bibs from Nobodinoz

Monkey Placemat

Barcelona is the capital of Cataluña, in Spain. It is also where Nobodinoz is located. Never heard of Nobodinoz? Do not worry, this is the subject of today’s article so we hope to give you a taste for this wonderful Spanish brand.

Nobodinoz was created in 2006 by a couple uniting two countries: France and Spain. Murielle and Roman Bressan, following the success of their concept store in Barcelona, decided to create their own brand and this is how Nobodinoz was born.

At French Blossom, we love the graphic designs, the bright colours and the fun patterns that are certain to brighten up any room you decide to put them in. Their products, original yet refined, are easy to match with your decoration because you are certain to  find at least one pattern that you will love.  Choose from pastel pink and green diamonds or pretty mustard stars.  Maybe black and white is the theme of your room and if so the black and white zigzag patterns are so stylish !

Moreover, every product is made in Spain or France with a true desire to highlight local know-how. The materials are also chosen with great care so you can be sure that you won’t find anything toxic in the colorants or fabrics used. Perfect for a nursery or your children’s room!

Curious about Nobodinoz products ? Have a look and decide for yourself if you are going to give in to these lovely items ! French Blossom

Storage Bag Black & White

Room decoration in yellow

Changing mat and bag - Green diamonds

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Lightboxes – A little lovely company

lightbox - a little lovely company - lamps
A5 lightbox - childrens room lighting
lightbox for children - original lighting

The wonderful lightboxes have finally arrived at the boutique !

These fun and original lights will make a talking point in any room of the home.  Slot in the letters to create a personal message or simply spell out a name.  The light box comes in two different sizes, and A4 version that measures 22cm x 30cm and has three lines to write a message.  Alternatively the A5 lightbox measures 20cm x15cm and has two lines to slot in the little letters.
Both lightboxes would make a really original baby gift idea and will look stunning in a nursery or childrens bedroom, with the light on or off !

The lightboxes have been inspired by the old vintage style cinema lights, where the name of the films were simply highlighted by their titles on a well lit background.  The new lights are certain to bring back a bit of nostalgia to older generations.

Each light is either powered by 6 x 1,5V AA batteries or an adapter 9V DC500 mA.  Personally I prefer the battery power option as it allows you to move the lightboxes freely around the room, place on a shelf or even on a table in the middle of the room.  You could also hang the lightbox from a wall as there are two little hooks at the back.  Using the battery power option will give much more freedom to where you position the light.

Designed by A little lovely Light Company in the Netherlands, the company also creates wonderful mini pear lights and cloud lamps too !

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Top 5 handmade brooches from Macon & Lesquoy

5.  The lobster brooch is a real cracker !  Bright orange in colour, the brooch is handmade and will add a super detail to any outfit for men or women.  Measuring 6cm in length and 4 cm in width the lobster brooch comes in its own black presentation box.  Love his funny little white eyes.

designer handmade brooch lobster - Macon and Lesquoy


4.  Everyone should have a mustache brooch !  A great little accessory, the golden coloured embroidery with black trim edge will look good on a t shirt or smart suit.  Measuring 3.5cm in width and 1.5cm in height the mustache brooch is small but a lot of fun !

moustache brooch perfect accessory for any outfit, designed in Paris

3. I have seen many heart brooches but none in this original style.  The working of the heart have been cleverly detailed with hand embroidery and stitching to create this powerful piece.  Bright red in colour, the brooch looks great against a darker piece of clothing.  The handmade brooch comes in a presentation box and measures 4.5cm in height x 3.5cm in width.

heart shaped brooch, handmade gift idea for women

2.  The large feather is my second favourite brooch from the collection by Macon and Lesquoy.  Stylish and chic, the beautiful detailing on this large brooch makes it a great choice for almost any outfit.  The silver embroidery has been broken up with delicate touches of blue and yellow.
The feather brooch measures 10.5cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

feather brooch for women Macon and Lesquoy
Handmade feather brooch - original gift idea for women

1.  My number 1 brooch and persona favourite  has to be the large silver coloured cloud !  The swirling hand embroidery within the body of the cloud is so poetic and detailed.  At the centre of each spiral is a small silver sequin !  The embroidered raindrops gently hang down from the body of the cloud on thin black thread.
This handmade brooch measures 5cm wide and 4.5cm in height.

handmade cloud brooch designed in France
cloud brooch -original jewelry idea for women


We really fell for these gorgeous hand embroidered brooches designed by Macon & Lesquoy.  Delicately made with love and care, each brooch is unique and colourful !  Attach them to a suit or stylish outfit, wear them on a casual t shirt or jumper, the brooches will become a super fun detail for any outfit.  Their originality really makes them stand out !  The brooches can be worn by men and women and make a brilliant gift idea as each comes in a stylish black presentation box.

For this little blog post, I decided to share my top 5 brooches from the collection !  It wasn’t easy to choose my favourite as I love so many of them.

1. The cloud and rain drops handmade brooch
2. Large feather handmade brooch
3. Handmade heart brooch
4. Handmade mustache brooch
5. Lobster brooch handmade

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April Eleven – original room decoration handmade in France

Super hero mirror design -made in France designer room decoration for kids
balloon room decoration - mirror balloon wall decor

super hero coat hook April Eleven

With an astonishing array of room decoration and ideas to choose from today it can sometimes be a real challenge deciding the theme of a babies nursery or the style of  the wall decor in a kids bedroom !  Most room designs have wall posters or wall stickers somewhere, while some choose to have one wall painted a different colour while others use wallpaper to accentuate an area.

As an alternative Charline, the designer behind the brand April Eleven has come up with a range of handmade pieces that are certain to create a very original feel in any babies nursery or childrens room.  Inspired by minimalist, pure designs, Charline hand carves quirky mirrors based on superheros, balloons and even iced lollies.  She cleverly mixes materials and uses a combination of beautifully shaped European oak and mirrors to form her creations !

I love the fact the creation process takes place locally in France ( in here fathers wood work shop) and the way Charline uses European wood from sustainable sources in her designs.

As well as creating fun designer mirrors, April Eleven has also taken her Superhero theme one step further and created wall stylish wall coat hooks based on the super hero masks.

Have a look at all the creations from April Eleven at the boutique – April Eleven




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Designer clutch / makeup handmade in France by LOUP

Designer makeup bag for women, handmade in France by LOUP

We introduced the exciting french baby clothes designer Loup not so long ago here at the blog.

As well as creating a wonderful range of baby clothes, the creator also has worked on several items for women !  The bright and colourful clutch bags (above) are great for an evening out or even to hold makeup.  Each bag is made from organic cotton and measures 25cm x 17cm.  Opened and closed with a zip at the top, the designer, has added her logo on one side.

The clutch bags are a new addition to the French Blossom womens corner and make a really original gift idea for women of all ages !  Have a look at these bags and the rest of the collection from Loup – LOUP Collection

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Handmade in France – beautifully scented candles

Handmade candles from France -Kerzon
candles from France handmade by Kerzon
handmade candles - original gift idea from France

Designed in Paris and handmade in France, the candles from Kerzon are one of our favourite new additions to the French Blossom boutique.

Lovingly made with vegetable and mineral wax and respecting the environment each candle measures 7.5cm in diameter and 9cm in height with a burning life of around 45 hours.

I could write long descriptions about these fantastic candles but unfortunately words simply cannot do justice to how wonderful they smell.  The small family team behind the brand have carefully mixed and blended delicate scents to bring the subtle notes and layers of gentle fragrance.

The Paris parks series of three candles is such a great idea.  Drawing inspiration from the famous Parisian parks such as Tuileries, the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, three candles each with their own distinct and original scent have been created.

The Jardin de Luxembourg candle is lilac and honey, the Parc des Buttes Chamont is a blend of Ceder wood and Sandalwood, while the Tuileries Palais Royal candle smell of soft hyacinth.

Kerzon have cleverly taken the pale green colour reminiscent of the colour used on all the seats and furniture in the french parks and used this colour for the glass container of the candles.

As well as the Parisian parks candle series we have a wonderful musk and Jasmine candle and an amber and Spices candle to choose from.  Both again are very distinctive in their aroma !  The designer believes the musk and jasmine will evoke images of lying in the shade of a pine forest with a gentle stream flowing nearby. The Amber and spices candle  is certain to generate warm and colourful memories of travels to the Mediterranean.

All the candles from Kerzon are packaged in a clear hard container and make a truly wonderful gift idea for candle lovers and also for those who love handmade, quality products that respect the environment.

In each candle box there is a complementary scented sachet.  These sachets will smell the same as each candle and can be placed in a wardrobe, drawer or even suitcase to freshen clothes.
kerzon vegetable wax and mineral wax candle gift ideas handmade