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Evolving our offering at the boutique !

Our concept at French Blossom has always been to bring together a carefully curated selection of French designers for childrens clothing, toys, decoration and accessories.  We are continually striving to discover new and exciting French designers to share with our audience in France and all around the world.

Many of our lovely customers and friends have asked us on multiple occassions if we might consider evolving our original concept of only working with French designers and to include some of their favourite childrens designers from around the world !  We thought long and hard about this idea and we have all agreed to create an exciting new section at French Blossom where, with the suggestions of our audience and the French Blossom team we will from time to time introduce a limited group of international designers at the boutique.

So which international designer for children would we partner with first ?! With so many countries and so many established and new designers for children to choose from it was not so easy!  Should the designer be clothing or shoes, maybe a toy designer for children or maybe a designer that creates decoration !

In the end we went for a Belgium designer, a designer that makes wonderful childrens lights – Egmont Toys !  We love room lighting for children at French Blossom and immediately felt the original and fun designs created by Egmont toys would add a wonderful new dimension to our room lighting section – childrens room lights.

This Belgium designer creates a variety of room lamps and lighting for children.  Beautifully handpainted and poetic in form the lighting includes a sweet rabbit lamp,  a variety of mushroom lights and let us not forget the gorgeous bear lamp.  As each light is painted by hand so no two lights are exactly the same !
Above is an a photograph of the rabbit lamp.  The lamp is so sweet and makes the perfect room lighting for an childrens bedroom or babies nursery.  Even when the light is not switched on the rabbit makes a great piece of room decoration.  The handpainted details are soft and delicate.  The warm glow of the rabbit lamp can be seen in the photograph below !  Each light comes with a 12 volt transformer and 10 watt light bulb.  The rabbit light measures 25cm in height.
After selecting the rabbit light we decided to include a range of mushroom lamps too.  These mushroom lights come in two different forms /designs.  There are sparkly silvers and golds to choose from or a more traditional red.  These mushroom lights add a great touch to any room of the home.  Below is an image of the small silver mushroom lamp.
The larger mushroom in the photographs below can be found in gold, silver and red colours.  Both the small and the large mushroom lamps have lots of little holes in the plastic shell.  These little round holes allow small shafts of light to leave the mushrooms and delicately bounce of the surrounding walls in a dreamy and magical way.Last but not least in this lovely collection of childrens room lighting is Ernest the bear lamp ! Ernest is so sweet and is certain to be a favourite for little ones. Ernest measures 19cm in height and is 30cm in width.  The bear lamp looks great as a piece of room decoration during the day and then as the might draws in and the lamp is switched on, Ernest the bear emits a warm soothing light.

Egmont toys began life in 1994 in a small garage in Belgium.  Today the designer has grown from strenght to strength and we are delighted to partner with the brand showcasing the lovely range of Egmont toy lighting.  Discover all the lamps highlighted in the blog post right here at the boutique – Egmont Toys

Feiyue sneakers for children…………….

New in at French Blossom are the cool ankle high sneakers from Feiyue.  These black sneakers with flashes of bright colour are really cool and stylish for for an ultra trendy street look !

Now with every pair of Feiyue sneakers sold at French Blossom for a limited time only we are giving away some really fun fake tattoos plus a mini Feiyue shoe key ring for every order.  You can see these freebies in the photo above !

We really love these new designer sneakers from Feiyue, see these and all our childrens French shoe brands right here – designer childrens sneakers

Time for a change, new home for French Blossom…………………

With the rental contract coming to an end on our old French Blossom offices, we had to make the decision whether to renew the contact and stay put or look for new offices and make a change !

We decided on the latter and after lots of searching and visits, we found a perfect new home for French Blossom.  With great natural light and beautiful old wooden floors throughout, we knew immediately this was the place for us !

I don’t think we could have chosen a more tricky time to change offices!  With gusting winds and pouring rain we finally managed to move our desks and furniture last weekend with the help of our friends.  Now all that remains is to set up  the space and get settled !

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend !

La belle Mèche………………………………..

So we finally decided to go for the Figue and Rhubarb scented candle from ‘La Belle Meche’ ! It wasnt easy deciding which candle to go for as there are 12 original and inspiring scents to choose from.

Each candle is made from 100% vegetable wax and is MADE IN FRANCE – (handmade in the South of France and that is why they are a bit expensive ! I decided to treat myself though ).  Each candle will burn for up to 50 hours and our Figue and Rhubarbe candle has brought a wonderfully light and delicate fragrance to our living room.

When the candle has finished burning the outer glass casing can be reused as a drinking glass – Love to reuse and recycle !

Now I am looking back at La Belle Mèche website as I write this blog post, I think if I buy another candle in the future I would go for the Peppery Ceder wood  scent !

Have a look at the lovely La belle Mèche boutique to see more lovely candles from France !

It's time for a GIVEAWAY !……………………………..

Our first giveaway of 2014 is a real cracker ! We have teamed up with French designers ZU, Rose Minuscule and My Lovely Thing.  One person will win a the lovely Marcel bear poster and set of 4 vintage bear postcards with envelopes from ZU, the delicate handmade decorative doll from Rose Minuscule plus a limited edition signed print ‘Douceur de Printemps’ from My Lovely Thing.

So how do you enter to have a chance of winning this group of prizes ?

1.  LIKE the French Blossom Facebook Page  ~ here ~
2. Leave us a comment below

For an extra chance to win

3. Join us on Instagram (here) or Twitter (here) and hashtag #coucoursFB


The contest will end on Sunday 26th January and the lucky winner will be announced on Monday the 27th January.

UK storms ! Rough seas and ferocious waves ……………….

We took these photos over Christmas during our holidays in Wales.  The ferocity of the waves as they broke over the lighthouse and breakwater was quite something to see !  It was hard to stand up as the freezing winds were literally blowing us off our feet.  Foam was flying from the sea so much it looked like snow and peoples faces were bright red with the cold even though we were all wrapped up with hats, scarves and gloves.

It was definitely worth being at the seafront to witness some of these really spectacular waves!

The lighthouse in these photographs was the last in the UK to be powered by coal and gas and is over 150 years old.  Even though it stands several metres tall, it’s completely dwarfed by some of these waves.

New music box for children by Trousselier………………….

We just received a new childrens music box at the boutique this week.  Designed in France by Trousselier, this wooden musical box has a boy and his toy bear as characters.  Turn the key below the box and the tune Piano Sonata K in A Major by Mozart gently plays as the boy and his bear twist and glide across the musical box surface captivating little ones.  .

I love the pastel colours of this specific music box.  The round circles around the base of the box are the same colours as the little boy and his bear.

These same round circles started me thinking about those modern art paintings by Artist Damien Hurst. He and his helpers have painted thousands of pieces called dot paintings so I thought I would have a go at making my own ‘dot pattern’ as the backdrop to this new music box blog post.  – Had fun doing it too !

Have a look at this French toy and others at the french blossom boutique – Musical boxes for children

French Blossom products featured on French Television………………….

We were lucky enough to have two products from the French Blossom boutique featured on television here in France a few days ago.  The television programme is called and follows a designer who carries out complete room makeovers. – We all know these kind of shows, I think they must exist in every country but they are interesting to watch ! – The images from the television show are a little blurry but I thought I would add them just for fun to this blog post.

Our products were featured in a room being transformed into a magical circus theme ! The two products selected (in the images above) were the circus wall sticker from Mimi Lou and the bright Elephant cushion from Mini Majesty that is Exclusive to French Blossom and is Handmade in France.
Have a great weekend !

A technicolour dream room – room decoration ideas

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, colour is key. Pink and blue – although popular choices – aren’t always the answer. Yes, they can look incredibly stylish (think soft mushroom pinks and sophisticated grey-blues), but sometimes it can be fun to go all out and experiment with brights. And by ‘brights’ we mean full-on multi-colour; vivid and vibrant, contrasting tones that will add a playful energy to the room whilst appealing to girls AND boys alike.

It is important to remember not to over-do it – creating this look successfully is all about balance. Keep the walls and furniture clean, simple and plain (white is always good) – and splash out on a handful of contrasting, colourful accessories with a good mix of pattern and solid colour blocks that will really stand out in the room.

When our friends at French Blossom invited us to guest blog recently, we were thrilled. With an inspiring collection of stunning room accessories and toys (in addition to their gorgeous fashion collection), they have everything you need to create this look. So it is with pleasure that we bring you our selection of beautifully bright and vibrant room accessories to help you create that technicolour dream room for your child.

1.‘Super Zéro’ by My Name is Simone (38 EUR)

We adore the quirky dolls by French design company My Name is Simone, and this little guy has to be our favourite. Never fear when Super Zéro is here, for not only will he brighten up the bed, shelf or chair, he’ll keep all those baddies at bay too. Dressed head to toe in smart navy, red, blue and mustard, with an adorable moustache and a very trendy hairstyle, he’s full of character and will bring a smile to the very youngest of faces.

2.‘Twisting Roads’ play mat by Deuz (50 EUR)

Play mats aren’t just for babies. And French designers Deuz have proved this by bringing us ‘Twisting Roads’. Winding roads intermingle with lakes, tunnels, roundabouts, bridges and buildings to create the perfect setting for play – just add toy cars! A great alternative to a rug, the mat is made from 100% organic cotton canvas and is machine-washable, and can be packed away in its tote bag when play is over.

3.‘The Party’ poster by My Name is Simone (17.50 EUR)

This fun, vibrant poster by the same designer starring Super Zéro’s friends will look fabulous as a feature on the wall. Telling a colourful story of a family party, it will occupy little imaginations for hours as they give the friends their very own names and personalities.We’re loving their cool outfits and colourful glasses – even the birds are wearing them! It’s a lovely accessory that will bring a splash of bright and a whole lot of character to the room.

4.‘The Animal Parade’ by Poisson Bulle (26 EUR)

We have fallen in love with these beautiful red and navy animal wall stickers. Featuring five clever creatures, each measuring approximately 17cm tall or long, including a drumming cat, an elephant magician, a balancing ball sausage dog, a winking tiger and an acorn-eating squirrel, children can place them wherever they wish – along the wall, on top of the shelf, over the mantelpiece, in the window (yes, they stick to glass too!) or dotted all over the room… Too cute for words!

5.‘Elmer the Elephant’ by Vilac (19 EUR)

French toy experts Vilac do an amazing job at creating bright and vibrant toys that will appeal to children young and old. And Elmer the Elephant is no exception – in a gorgeous, glossy multi-coloured patchwork of red, green, pink, orange, yellow, purple, black and white, babies and toddlers will adore taking him for walks. And no need to abandon him once they’re older either, for he’ll look stunning as a decorative room accessory on the floor or shelf.

6.‘Super Angel’ rabbit by Trousselier (35 EUR)

Simply adorable – and just like Super Zéro, looking pretty chic in red and navy – Super Angel rabbit is a friend and a hero for life. Suitable from birth (and what a very special gift for a new baby!), he is made from gorgeously soft plush that little hands will love to snuggle. His lovely long ears are perfect for babies to grasp and chew, and his friendly, smiley face will fascinate them. At 26cm tall, he’ll make a beautiful accessory for a cot, bed or chair, and a wonderful alternative to a cushion.

7.‘Harlequin Guitar’ by Vilac (28.50 EUR)

Vilac strike again with this fabulous wooden guitar, decorated with an all-over bright harlequin pattern. At 52cm long, not only will children love playing with it, but just like the other toys we have picked and featured, it will look stunning as a decorative room accessory as well. Together with Elmer the Elephant, The Party poster and Twisting Roads play mat, it will introduce an element of pattern to the room without being too overpowering.

The great thing about creating a bedroom around colour and pattern alone is that you don’t need to be tied to a single theme, nor does everything have to match. Instead you can have so much fun picking out eclectic pieces that contrast with each other but still work together as a whole. So whether your child is a budding rock star, super hero or a circus fanatic (or all of the above), you can pick and choose different elements that they’ll love, and bring them into the room through the accessories.

The result? A playful, vibrant, colourful space full of energy that is also personal to your little one. And when the products come together, they just work.

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