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New Collections : Having fun with Emile et Ida!

Sweatshirt Sardines


Sweatshirt Cheeseburger. Today, we will focus on Emile et Ida and their wonderfully fun Spring Summer collection!

But first, a few words about the brand. Created in 2010 by two tailors’ daughters, Emile et Ida is a brand not like the others. Making clothes for school does not interest them.

Making clothes in which kids can have fun at birthday parties, during the holidays, during the weekend and more generally, during happy days! Of course, you can wear their clothes for school too! 😉

Their collections are always original, playful and full of wonders. Perfect for going out or staying in! The collections are predominantly made in Portugal with certain pieces made in other European countries !

Now, about this summer collection, it is as usual super original and fun! It’s hard for us to resist the sweater with small burgers all over it. Same goes for the little baby bottles pattern or the “I’m always hungry” t-shirt. Your little ones will look so adorable you will just want to eat them.

You can also find in this new collection some extraordinary animals such as sardines with hats or hippopotamuses with bowties and headphones. But don’t forget about the cat bags or the backpacks covered with cars to complete any cool kid’s outift!

But this season is not only about original patterns. You can also find lovely simple pieces with powdered and soft pastel colours. They are ideal for a more poetic and dreamy outfit for little girls.

You will surely find a piece that you will love in this new collection from Emile et Ida just like we did! Discover the beautiful Spring / Summer Collection of Emile et Ida  at French !

Overalls Chambray

Parrot T-Shirt

Cat Bag Lemon

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New In: My Little Cozmo

My Little Cozmo Dress Confettis and Bloomer

Today, I am going to talk about our newest arrival for designer baby clothing: My Little Cozmo. This young Spanish brand was created in 2014 by Nuria Iracheta and is based in Barcelona.

Nuria wanted to discover more about fashion and develop a universe that would focus on little ones from 1 to 24 months. Aided by her experience of working in the fashion industry for many years, she decided to create her own baby clothes collection!

Designed to fit the modern lifestyle of energetic parents and their babies, these clothes give off a minimalist feel thanks to casual patterns and unique prints that make them ideal to complete a refreshing urban look. We like the comfortable cuts and the soft, powdered colours used by the brand for its new collection. These delicate pieces are ideal to match with many styles thanks to their simplicity. Only made with the finest cotton, these garments are dyed and washed following a manufacturing process that helps create soft and comfortable clothes for babies.

This season, My Little Cozmo treats you with beautiful leggings, dresses, bloomers and tops. In white, pink or blue, your child will be ready to spend sunny days outside! I especially like the soft pink dress covered with little black sparks for a little girl or the blue Pacman tank top, matched with the grey leggings, for a little boy. And if you want something purer, why not try the beautiful white legging and combine it with a grey blouse from Poudre Organic?

Have a look at our selection of clothes from My Little Cozmo on our website and give them a try: My Little Cozmo

My Little Cozmo Pink DressMy Little Cozmo Grey Legging

My Little Cozmo Pink Dress and Bloomer

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Cluse Watches: minimalist timepieces for women

Black Watches Boheme and Minuit

You might have often read articles in our blog about designer childrens fashion, decoration or even cosmetics for babies and children.  But what about grown-ups some would ask? Well today, for a change we will not be talking about kids fashion ! – It will be about women. Without further a due, let’s introduce our new favourite brand of the Women Corner: Cluse Watches!

This Dutch company founded in 2013 and creates womens watches !  Their philosophy is that beauty can be found is the simplest things so they design elegant, minimalist timepieces. They like to think that their watches will be a perfect match for people who are grounded, sophisticated and true to themselves. And we think so too !

More than just practical objects that provide you with time, these watches are a beautiful fashion accessory that becomes more and more a jewel that completes any look you choose to wear. Cluse did understand that quite quickly and created a range of simple and refined pieces that we love!

Here at French Blossom, we love the full black “La Roche” watch, made with real marble. Each piece is thus unique and we admire that sophisticated feeling that it gives off. Perfect to accessorize an evening look, it can also add a touch of originality to your working outfit and amaze all you colleagues.

As for the other designs? They will complete any look you like. Whether you’re going for casual, professional or smart, you will find one watch that will match your style. The hardest part will be to choose your colour : in pink, camel, black or grey, which one will it be?

Sparkly or mat, a soft or dark colour, metallic or leather bracelet… You will definitely find one piece that you will like in their collection. Our team at the French Blossom offices certainly did!

Find our selection of watches at our boutique: Cluse Watches

Gold Mesh Watch

La Roche Full Black Marble Watch

Pink Watch

Cluse Grey Watch

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Poudre Organic: powdered tones and organic cotton

Almond Dress

For this season, Manon, the designer behind Poudre Organic takes us into her universe full of sweetness and comfortable clothes. With the help of Mathilde Cabanas, the two have created a lovely collection, full of wonderful patterns and simple cuts. This summer, the stars of the collection will be ice cream prints !

All the designer baby clothing is made with organic cotton and is super soft for your babies delicate skin. With their flowing cuts and soft forms, the designer baby clothes from Poudre Organic will bring a breeze of freshness, ideal to enjoy the hot summer days.

We have fallen for the soft colours that leave us dreaming about our own childhood. This spring and summer, you will find blouses and dresses in apricot, creamy milk, mist and brown sugar for your greatest delight.

We also love the ice cream pattern that you can find on many items in the collection.  Printed on cream coloured baby pyjamas or on leggings, these little icecream and sunglasses patterns will undoubtedly make you think about summer.

Spend a day at the beach with your little one wearing a lovely almond dress, or maybe mix and match one of the organic blouses with soft leggings for a walk in the park. We are becoming big fans of this French baby clothing designer and are excited to present our selection for this Spring Summer.

Want to discover more? Find our selection of products from the collection at the boutique: Poudre Organic 

Ice Cream Pyjama White

Striped Sweater

Ice Cream Leggings White

White Blouse

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Fresh and Minimalist style with Rylee and Cru

Apple Seeds Red Blouse Bloomer

Peaches Jumpsuit

Try not to fall in love with the new collection of Rylee and Cru !  One of our favourite new clothing designers for babies and children at French Blossom.

The light colours and poetic prints  will make you think about watercolour paintings. With every piece hand dyed, these beautiful garments for babies and children are made with simple flowing lines and soft fabrics, guaranteeing comfort for your child this summer !

Kelli Murray, the designer behind this delicate universe, mixes delightful illustrations with  vintage forms to create garments for babies and children up to 5 years.

This season, the collection focuses on  fruits and sweets ! We love the light and delicate apple seed patterns, simple yet fresh.  Peaches, strawberries and watermelon slices cover jumpsuits, tops and blouses. And for those with a real sweet tooth? You will certainly like the licorice, ice cream and popsicle designs.

As for the colours, soft pinks and fresh blues mix with beautiful creams and apricots. Timeless colours that send us back to childhood in a dreamy and soft way.

Curious about Rylee and Cru? Discover their poetic new collection : Rylee and Cru

Popsicle Tank Top

Watermelon Jumpsuit

Strawberry Pants

Liquorice Dress

Pink Apple Seed Large Top

Strawberry Onesie

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The Louise Misha Spring / Summer collection

Jumpsuit Gwen Berry

This week, we had the great pleasure of receiving the new collection of Louise Misha for the Spring Summer season and we simply love it! Inspired by their many travels, the two creators once again take us to their eclectic, vintage inspired universe.

The collection all about romance, innocence and adventure, an original mix of styles that let us dream about exploring hidden gardens or discovering dusty spice scented streets in an Indian city.

Marie and Aurélie, the talented designers of Louise Misha remind us of summer holidays and warm places when it comes to their choice of colours.  Different tones of white mix with notes of melon, coral, sienna, mint, mustard and peach in simple and exotic patterns.

We love those delicately vintage pieces giving that casual yet elegant look dear to the brand. Whether you like the bohemian or the romantic style, you will certainly find what you’re looking for in the dresses, blouses or jumpsuits designed by Louise Misha.

The details on this collection are not to be overlooked either. You can find intricate flowing laces delicately embroidered on the front of the dress Celine, a beautiful lace ribbon on the pant Eloise, bright pompoms on the jumpsuit Goldie and ruffled sleeves on the top Mana… Details that distinguish each piece of a Louise Misha collection.

And if you want to complete the romantic bohemian look, you will also find a beautiful selection of jewellery mixing golden beads, white shells or cheerful pompoms for an added glimmer under the sun!

Curious about the new creations of Louise Misha? Then discover the poetic new collection right here: Louise Misha – French Blossom!

Short ibera citrus

Jumpsuit goldie pondi

Bracelet Sorbet

Dress Celine yellow

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Fashion Favorite : Tiny Cottons

Potted Plant Tops and Leggings

Tartan T-Shirt

When you think about Spain, the first things that usually come to mind are the sun, beaches, sightseeing… In short, holidays. But what about the textile industry some would say?

Well today, this is what I am going to talk about: Spanish Fashion. And more specifically, kids fashion with a brand we simply love here at French Blossom: Tiny Cottons.

Tiny Cottons was created in 2012 in Barcelona but it was one year later that they presented their first collection, which was a great success. They quickly became well-known in the children fashion universe as a fun brand with unique designs and high quality fabrics. Indeed, they use pima cotton (superior blend of cotton, durable and very absorbent) combined with lightweight cotton woven fabrics, knitted cotton yarns and light denim.

Their motto? Be as imaginative as kids and be as bold and not so serious as they can be. However, as a brand selling clothes, being creative is not the only criteria they have. Making good, long lasting products is just as important as being a fun favourite for kids.

This year, Tiny Cottons new collection is full of sun ! After the team created their little office garden, they decided to take the plants theme a little further. This spring and summer will be all about graphic stories and refreshing colours such as white, green, terracotta, pastel blue and light pink. Among the different patterns, you’ll be able to find potted plants, water textures and even ants tracks! In short, everything to make garden lovers happy, even from the youngest age.

Have a look at this new collection on our website and give in to these original patterns right here – Tiny Cottons !

Tartan t-shirt and Water Legging

Green Tartan Dress




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Sketch Inc – original handmade jewellery

Brooches Set Sketch Inc

Origami Bird Brooch

Sometimes it can be really challenging to find pieces of jewellery that are both original and refined. During endless hours of searching, if you are like me, you may have asked  yourself questions like – “is it fun without being too childish?” or “is it refined without being too classical?”.

Well, here at French Blossom we know the brand that might be just perfect for you: Sketch Inc. Created by Becky Kemp in 2011, Sketch Inc started life in her little studio in the South-East of England.

Entirely handmade, all her creations start on her sketchbook. Becky has always loved sketching and painting ideas as the start of the design process. Her style is a combination between Nordic design and Japanese illustration, two things that have always inspired her.

Becky creates a variety of  products from fun coat hooks, wooden doll characters, plus really adorable greeting cards… We really love are her brooches! Whether being colourful or black and white, made of metal or wood, they will undoubtedly stand out from other brooches thanks to their originality.

Discover the adorable magical unicorn that will please every little girl (and even grown-ups). The soft colours and the golden touch make it easy to match with any outfit so you can take this brooch everywhere with you and stand out from the croud!

We also fell for the lovely panda brooch and its geometrical print. The black, white and gold colours make this graphic brooch feel so modern and stylish. !

If you are a bit curious about Sketch Inc brooches, discover our selection right there – Sketch Inc French Blossom !

Unicorn Brooch

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

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Poudre Organic x Mathilde Cabanas – Bisou collection

Jacket and legging combination

T-shirt and Jacket

Baby wearing Poudre Organic clothes

T-shirt and ambiance

Today is all about fashion. And by fashion, I mean delicate and adorable baby fashion. Today, I am going to talk about Poudre Organic, a lovely French brand that joined our amazing designers, here at French Blossom.

Born from the imagination of Manon, an amazing Mum passionate about kids fashion and ecology, Poudre Organic made its way, in 2014, in the child fashion industry with products as soft as they are original: baby nappies, bibs, bodysuits and a whole range of delicate clothes. And everything is made in Portugal or France with organic cotton. Every ingredient to guarantee an irresistible softness and unmistakable comfort for your small ones are right there.

At French Blossom, we particularly like the Capsule Collection “Bisou” that Poudre Organic designed in collaboration with Mathilde Cabanas, illustrator and artist from Nantes. Together, Manon and Mathilde designed four adorable pieces in limited edition.  The collection includes: an embroidered jean jacket, a white t-shirt brightened by a “Bisou” as well as a bodysuit and a stripped leggings.

The ethic philosophy of Poudre Organic and the talent of Mathilde blend together in this beautiful collection filled with poetic and tender tones. Thanks to this limited edition, you will be able to cover your little ones from head to toe with love and you will not be able to resist the urge to kiss them all over ! 💋💋💋 Hence the name of the collection ‘Bisou’  which means kiss in French.


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Top 5 handmade brooches from Macon & Lesquoy

5.  The lobster brooch is a real cracker !  Bright orange in colour, the brooch is handmade and will add a super detail to any outfit for men or women.  Measuring 6cm in length and 4 cm in width the lobster brooch comes in its own black presentation box.  Love his funny little white eyes.

designer handmade brooch lobster - Macon and Lesquoy


4.  Everyone should have a mustache brooch !  A great little accessory, the golden coloured embroidery with black trim edge will look good on a t shirt or smart suit.  Measuring 3.5cm in width and 1.5cm in height the mustache brooch is small but a lot of fun !

moustache brooch perfect accessory for any outfit, designed in Paris

3. I have seen many heart brooches but none in this original style.  The working of the heart have been cleverly detailed with hand embroidery and stitching to create this powerful piece.  Bright red in colour, the brooch looks great against a darker piece of clothing.  The handmade brooch comes in a presentation box and measures 4.5cm in height x 3.5cm in width.

heart shaped brooch, handmade gift idea for women

2.  The large feather is my second favourite brooch from the collection by Macon and Lesquoy.  Stylish and chic, the beautiful detailing on this large brooch makes it a great choice for almost any outfit.  The silver embroidery has been broken up with delicate touches of blue and yellow.
The feather brooch measures 10.5cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

feather brooch for women Macon and Lesquoy
Handmade feather brooch - original gift idea for women

1.  My number 1 brooch and persona favourite  has to be the large silver coloured cloud !  The swirling hand embroidery within the body of the cloud is so poetic and detailed.  At the centre of each spiral is a small silver sequin !  The embroidered raindrops gently hang down from the body of the cloud on thin black thread.
This handmade brooch measures 5cm wide and 4.5cm in height.

handmade cloud brooch designed in France
cloud brooch -original jewelry idea for women


We really fell for these gorgeous hand embroidered brooches designed by Macon & Lesquoy.  Delicately made with love and care, each brooch is unique and colourful !  Attach them to a suit or stylish outfit, wear them on a casual t shirt or jumper, the brooches will become a super fun detail for any outfit.  Their originality really makes them stand out !  The brooches can be worn by men and women and make a brilliant gift idea as each comes in a stylish black presentation box.

For this little blog post, I decided to share my top 5 brooches from the collection !  It wasn’t easy to choose my favourite as I love so many of them.

1. The cloud and rain drops handmade brooch
2. Large feather handmade brooch
3. Handmade heart brooch
4. Handmade mustache brooch
5. Lobster brooch handmade