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Lightboxes – A little lovely company

lightbox - a little lovely company - lamps
A5 lightbox - childrens room lighting
lightbox for children - original lighting

The wonderful lightboxes have finally arrived at the boutique !

These fun and original lights will make a talking point in any room of the home.  Slot in the letters to create a personal message or simply spell out a name.  The light box comes in two different sizes, and A4 version that measures 22cm x 30cm and has three lines to write a message.  Alternatively the A5 lightbox measures 20cm x15cm and has two lines to slot in the little letters.
Both lightboxes would make a really original baby gift idea and will look stunning in a nursery or childrens bedroom, with the light on or off !

The lightboxes have been inspired by the old vintage style cinema lights, where the name of the films were simply highlighted by their titles on a well lit background.  The new lights are certain to bring back a bit of nostalgia to older generations.

Each light is either powered by 6 x 1,5V AA batteries or an adapter 9V DC500 mA.  Personally I prefer the battery power option as it allows you to move the lightboxes freely around the room, place on a shelf or even on a table in the middle of the room.  You could also hang the lightbox from a wall as there are two little hooks at the back.  Using the battery power option will give much more freedom to where you position the light.

Designed by A little lovely Light Company in the Netherlands, the company also creates wonderful mini pear lights and cloud lamps too !

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Handmade in France – beautifully scented candles

Handmade candles from France -Kerzon
candles from France handmade by Kerzon
handmade candles - original gift idea from France

Designed in Paris and handmade in France, the candles from Kerzon are one of our favourite new additions to the French Blossom boutique.

Lovingly made with vegetable and mineral wax and respecting the environment each candle measures 7.5cm in diameter and 9cm in height with a burning life of around 45 hours.

I could write long descriptions about these fantastic candles but unfortunately words simply cannot do justice to how wonderful they smell.  The small family team behind the brand have carefully mixed and blended delicate scents to bring the subtle notes and layers of gentle fragrance.

The Paris parks series of three candles is such a great idea.  Drawing inspiration from the famous Parisian parks such as Tuileries, the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, three candles each with their own distinct and original scent have been created.

The Jardin de Luxembourg candle is lilac and honey, the Parc des Buttes Chamont is a blend of Ceder wood and Sandalwood, while the Tuileries Palais Royal candle smell of soft hyacinth.

Kerzon have cleverly taken the pale green colour reminiscent of the colour used on all the seats and furniture in the french parks and used this colour for the glass container of the candles.

As well as the Parisian parks candle series we have a wonderful musk and Jasmine candle and an amber and Spices candle to choose from.  Both again are very distinctive in their aroma !  The designer believes the musk and jasmine will evoke images of lying in the shade of a pine forest with a gentle stream flowing nearby. The Amber and spices candle  is certain to generate warm and colourful memories of travels to the Mediterranean.

All the candles from Kerzon are packaged in a clear hard container and make a truly wonderful gift idea for candle lovers and also for those who love handmade, quality products that respect the environment.

In each candle box there is a complementary scented sachet.  These sachets will smell the same as each candle and can be placed in a wardrobe, drawer or even suitcase to freshen clothes.
kerzon vegetable wax and mineral wax candle gift ideas handmade

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Nailmatic – water soluble nail polish for kids

Nailmatic nail polish for kids made in France
water soluble kids nail polish designed and made in France

After waiting patiently for some time, we are pleased to say that the wonderful Nailmatic products are now online at the French Blossom boutique.  Designed and made here in France the nail polish for kids is water soluble and certain to provide hours of fun for girls who love having colourful nails like their mums !

So what is so special about this French brand of nail polish for children?

Firstly, the team behind Nailmatic have come up with a range of beautifully coloured and glittery nail polish that is perfect for kids.  The nail polish is water soluble meaning when the children wish to change the colour of their nail or toe polish all they need to do is simply rub them with warm soapy water and the polish will come off.  No more mess or difficulty when trying to remove the old polish !

Making the nail polish safe for children was at the top of the list of priorities for Nailmatic.  Apart from being water soluble the polish is made without organic solvents, there are no phthalates or formaldehyde, toluene or BFA in these products ! – Or as Nailmatic would say their products are free from all the nasties !

Children can paint all their fingers in one colour or go for a range of different tones on each hand and foot, they can let their imagination run wild and be truly creative.

Choose from pinks, yellow, mint green, purple or why not go for a glitter white or glitter pink. Each bottle of polish measures 6.5cm in height comes with a white top and holds approximately 8ml of nail polish.  They are suitable for children of 3 years and over due to the bottle size and small parts.

The water soluble nail polish is perfect for parties or special events.  One of our lovely friends at French Blossom was looking to create little Princess themes birthday party for her young daughter.  After discovering the Djeco Princess Birthday invitations she stumbled upon the Naimatic water soluble nail polish for children and thought it would be great to create a little corner at the party where all the little Princesses could have their nails painted in glitter and pink!  From what she told us the whole day went down wonderfully well and the nail polish was a huge hit.
Princess nail polish for kids - made by Nailmatic
pretty girls polish safe and water soluble for chidlren

Nailmatic cleverly teamed up with another of our favourite french brands for children when it came to the packaging.  OMY Design create wonderfully original coloring sheets and posters for children and have been present at French Blossom for several years now.  Discover their super colouring sheets and much more here – OMY Design
When it came to the design of the packaging for Nailmatic products, children can use felt pens or crayons to colour in each nail polish box making them unique and personal.  Each colour and each set of polish has its own design.  Take the City nail polish set above.  The theme of the packaging is Paris and there are images of men wearing berets, baguettes, Parisian style buildings and not to forget the Eiffel tower !   Also as a finishing detail, each bottle has funny little faces and quirky expressions printed around the sides or each bottle.  These little faces really reinforce the nail polish is fun and for children.

Discover all the collection of water soluble nail polish for kids at the boutique – Nailmatic Kids




Its our Birthday !  French Blossom is three years old now and we wish to thank you all for your support and kindness during the first years of our adventure.  Over the three years we have partnered with many exciting and talented French children’s designers, met so many interesting people and learnt so much !

To thank you all once again we are offering -20% off the whole FRENCH BLOSSOM boutique for 1 week !
This offer extends from today 17 – 24 October 2014 and excludes items already on sale and promotion.


Original room lighting …………..


If you love room lamps as much as us then these new lights might be of interest !  Designed with molded vinyl and handmade in Spain the original childrens lamps will look great in any room of the home.  In the day they will act as stylish sculptures and then as night falls and the lamps are turned on a soft glowing light will create a dreamy environment.  The detailing in each piece is so high, the hard vinyl looks like porcelain !

Then pineapple lamps come in three different colours, a soft yellow, pink and a mint.   Each pineapple measures 35cm in height and with all the ‘Goodnight lights’ the these lamps emit no heat so can be kept on for hours !

The little owl has to be one of my favourites in this new collection.  Akira the owl lamp measures 23cm in height and 15cm in width.  I have one of these owl lamps at home !  He sits proudly on a shelf and is always a taking point as it is so original.  The molded vinyl allows for great detailing and you can see individual impressions of feathers cleverly designed in the vinyl.

Last but not least the origami boat lamps !  These are so reminiscent of the origami paper boats that we used to play with as children.  These boat lamps are so poetic and fun.  Each boat lamp measures  32cm in length and 16cm in height.

Have a look at all these wonderful children’s room lamps in greater detail here – Goodnight lights

Exciting new wall stickers………………..


We just received several new wall stickers for children at the French Blossom boutique !  Two of our favourites have to be the bear wall sticker and the flying cat wall sticker.  Both these stickers are easily applied to walls or any smooth surface, even windows.  They are also easily removed.

The bear head sticker being only black in colour is perfect for minimalist room designs or for walls that you wish to give a touch of drama to without adding  distracting bright colours.  This bear sticker comes with nine small geometric trees that can be placed in any position you wish.  They add an interesting finishing detail to this wall decoration.

The cat wall sticker on the other hand is more colourful and bright !  The cat is flying up up and away with her bright balloon.  The colourful kite and clouds make this a very poetic and sweet wall sticker for baby nurseries or childrens bedrooms.

See both these stickers and many others in greater detail here – childrens wall stickers






Boys look of the week !

We love this ‘thunder boy’ outfit we put together !  The sweatshirt has been designed by Cocotruc. The yellow corduroy trousers are are from Petit Bateau and the designer children’s shoes are from Feiyue.

Cocotruc is a new French childrens designer that we recently began a partnership with at French Blossom.  The designer began in 2011 the same year that we began French Blossom!  We love the flashy prints and fun designs on their clothing !  The lighting bolt jumper and the rainbow sweatshirt are some of our favourite pieces.

The yellow corduroy trousers from Petit Bateau are a must have this season !  They are warm, soft to the touch and are a lovely rich yellow ochre in colour.

Finally the sneakers for children that we have chosen to match with this look are from Feiyue.  The model is the ‘Grey Scratch Fur’ and is a light grey colour with cyan stripes and logo design.  The shoes are easily opened and closed with stylish velcro straps and the interior is made of a warm wool / fleece, perfect for colder Autumn Winter days.





VEJA baby shoes………………………….

The new collection of baby Veja shoes have arrived at French Blossom !  These adorably cute little shoes are either made from or organically harvested cottons or environmentally tanned leathers.  The super cute shoes make a wonderful baby gift idea.  The soft sheeps wool interiors are perfect for delicate skins and little feet !

We have three wonderful models at the boutique !  The golden leather shoes, the brown canvas with gold dots and the grey suede shoes.
All the babies shoes have been made in the most sustainable ways possible.  The leather used is always eco-tanned with vegetable extracts such as Acacia.  The cottons used are organic and come from families who live from organic farming and by respecting fair trade rules.  Even the boxes in which these shoes are sent are recycled !

These new Baby shoes from Veja make a wonderful gift ideas for young babies and they look effortlessly chic and so stylish.














Drawstring organic cotton backpacks

Designed in France we just had to show you these super bags that are made from 100% organic cotton.  They are perfect as a lunch bag for children or ideal as a bag for the beach.  Each little bag measures 37cm x 33cm and is light and easy to carry with the two cotton back straps.  The bags have fun illustrations of a gorilla, a rhino, a cat with his hat and even a tiger emerging from the jungle !  – Its difficult to choose a favourite !

We also recently added to the shop several organic cotton canvas satchels and organic cotton pencilcases from the same designer Coq en Pâte.  Have a look at all these super colourful and environmental products at the boutique – Backpacks and satchels







Faguo Backpacks ……………………

With the summer holidays in full swing many parents are also probably doing a little bit of early preparation for back to school !  Backpacks are always a popular choice for school as they are easy to carry around papers pens and other stationary.  They can also be used for weekend trips and now during the summer holidays.
We love these designer backpacks from Faguo as they are not only really durable but they look great as well !  Made from cotton canvas and with a soft suede base, each bag measures 32cm x  42cm x 17cm so there is plenty of room inside to store notepads, books and papers.  There is one smaller pocket on the front and the large pocket is closed with two zips.  The backpacks have a small button detail on the front.  This is a detail that is specific to all Faguo shoes and accessories.

Have a look at these bags and others from the French designer Faguo right here at the boutique – Faguo