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L’Infuseur Paris: not your typical herbal tea

Complete Herbal Tea Set

Many people see herbal tea as a beverage for older people, with no real taste and that doesn’t exactly bring much pleasure. As a tea drinker myself, I tend to think the same.

Well, how wrong was I and here is the brand that made me rethink everything about herbal tea: L’Infuseur Paris. This young French brand breaks every code about herbal tea, and it does it with style and refinement.

This brand was created by Céline and fellow herbal tea lovers that helped her. Tired of this image of grand-mother, medicinal or plain beverage, they wanted to create something amazing, something beautiful, something modern that would change the image that traditionally follows herbal tea.

L’Infuseur makes you forget the negative clichés about this type of beverage and turns it into an elegant and modern drink that reconciles pleasure and benefits for your health. Made with only the best ingredients, this brand offers you high quality tea, with subtle yet original and delicious tastes.

Let’s take the Delight Infusion for instance. You will definitely be charmed by its amazing spiced scent and the ingenious blend of flowers and fruit that compose it. Looking for something simpler to drink after a copious diner? Then you should pick the Digestive Infusion. Its blend of aromatic herbs is sure to dowonders when your stomach is unsettled.

Or maybe something to make your whole body (and mind) feel better? Then let yourself be surrounded by the sweet scent of the Dé-Tox fruit-based herbal tea. Here at French Blossom, we love its amazing smell and wonderful taste that is not only good for your taste buds but also for your health and mood.

To enjoy these treats putut your kettle on and turn it off just a few seconds before the water is actually boiling. One spoon of tea should be enough to appreciate a mug of these amazing flavours. You’ll then have to let it brew for 4 to 5 minute depending on how strong you want your tea. And tadah! Now the only thing left to do is enjoying a warm cup of tea.

And we shouldn’t forget the small detail that makes the difference: the beautiful packaging in navy blue that’ll make you want to leave this herbal tea box on your kitchen counter for everyone to see!

Want to give these herbal teas a try? You can find them on our online shop right there: L’Infuseur Paris – French Blossom!

Detox Infusion - Herbal Tea

Digestive Infusion - Herbal Tea

Delight Infusion - Herbal Tea


Chocolate covered almonds, Yummy !……………………

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try to eat less chocolate !  Its only the 1sty of January and I have a problem, I just opened up a box of almonds covered in rich delicious chocolate and dusted in cocoa (a Christmas present from mum).  I think these really have to be one of my favourite sweet treats!

One of the only problems with the internet is that I just cant tell you how good these taste.

The brand is called Charbonnel et Walker and was established in 1875.  It seems the Queen of England even puts seal of approval on them as there is a little crest on the box ‘By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen’.

Happy New Year everyone !

Halloween Food………………………….

Halloween is tomorrow !  Are you making any scary treats for the little ones?  Here are some great Halloween food ideas that inspired us.  Some healthy options and then some less healthy.  I want to try all of these personally!

The last two photos are from Martha Stewart’s website and you can try these for yourself with these links to each recipe – ‘I scream sandwitches‘ -love this name ! and ‘Goulish Petits Fours

We hope you all have a lovely Halloween.  We are going to buy our pumpkin tonight !

Source top 4 images bottom 2

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Stopping off for a treat in Paris………………………..

I gobbled up this really delicious carrot cupcake  in just a few seconds while in Paris a couple of days ago.  There are more and more cupcake stores popping up all around the city as Parisians seem to love these little cakes!  Its quite strange to see how popular they are in France, especially as French Pastries and sweet treats are world famous.  There are two cupcake shops on Rue de L’Abbé Grégoire in the 6th Arrondissement in Paris.  You can sample them for yourselves.  Closest metro lines are Vaneau, Rennes or Saint Placide.

If cupcakes are not your ‘cup of tea’- (excuse the joke) and you prefer the more traditional French Salon de Thé, another little place just around the corner is certain to be just for you.  Mamie Gâteaux opened its doors in 2003 and is a really traditional tea house selling homemade tarts, salads, soups and some really delicious cakes and sweet treats!  This tea house is quite popular with locals and has such a quaint and relaxing ambiance inside. – You feel far removed from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

Mamie Gâteaux tea house can be found at the corner of rue du Cherche Midi and rue de L’Abbé Grégoire.  This little tea room is certainly worth a visit when in Paris.

Happy Easter…………………………………..

We opened this lovely little chocolate Easter egg earlier today, handmade in France.  The internet is great for so much today but when it comes to taste, a picture doesnt begin to tell the story of how delicious this chocolate egg was !  We cracked it open to reveal little solid chocolates in the shape of fish, rabbits, an egg and shells.  Yummy !

Happy Easter everyone !  Joyeuses Pâques – (In French)

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Tea and Carrot cake with little sister………………..

We all need our excuses to indulge a little, and with my sister over for the weekend we took her to a tea room I often visit here in Rennes , France.  I didn’t really need the menu as the delicious carrot cake with soft creamy butter icing is my favourite !  I have tried making my own carrot cake on many occasions but never make anything quite like this.  If you are ever in Rennes, Brittany you need to make a visit to  Thé au Fourneau.  This little tea room/restaurant is pretty well hidden and is mainly frequented by locals.

Opening the door you are hit with the wonderful smell of tarts cooking and the freshly baked cakes and pies out on the counter.  Walk down a few steps into this snug and cosy tea room with old wooden beamed ceilings, comfy chairs and soft cushions, you will find yourself far removed from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

thé au fourneau – 11 Rue des portes Mordellaises, Rennes.

Café Gourmand. Well sometimes you need to treat yourself…….

Its true when the rain is lashing down outside and the summer is a distant memory, you just need to treat yourself and last Sunday that exactly what we did!  With umbrellas up and thick coats on we went down to one of the only places open on a Sunday in Rennes to have teas, coffees and Cakes of course.  (Even though we have lived in France for many years, it’s still quite frustrating the way all the shops and nearly all the cafes and restaurants close on Sundays – except obviously in big cities like Paris, where the hustle and bustle never stops).

Anyway the rainy wet day outside was soon behind us and easily forgotten as soon as the Café Gourmand arrived in front of us.  – A café Gourmand is a dessert where you get a lovely little taster of many different desserts plus a coffee.  We had small Crème brûlée, a macaroon, a cookie, a spoon of raspberry icecream plus some kind of dulce leche.  A café Gourmand is a great idea for a treat as its always a surprise when it arrives.  Each cafe or restaurant will make up their own Café Gourmand mix !

Delicious chocolate cake………….

What a great treat yesterday!  Don’t ask me how Meriem made this great chocolate cake but it certainly was delicious. (I ate more than I should have so an extra 10 minutes running in the gym today for me)  I always find it hard to take just one piece of chocolate cake. One option could be to take one piece but make that piece a lot bigger – Don’t think that counts though !

It's a lovely hot summers day in France…………..

It’s lovely and warm in France.  The sun is shining bright and I am in need of something really cool and refreshing.  I just love homemade lemonade and this recipe I tried turned out great for me.

While searching for a lemonade recipe I also stumbled upon this healthy looking ice lolly, packed with colourful fruits.  – I think I will try to make these tomorrow !

The ingredients for the lemonade are three cups of cold water, one cup of squeezed lemon juice, 3/4 of a cup of sugar (although I put less as I don’t like it too sweet!) Ice cubes and lemon slices.  – I found the recipe at

Source 1 Source 2

Cornish Pasties………………….

Before you ask, no we didnt make these wonderful Cornish pasties, but we did eat them! Bought from a little bakery when we were back in the UK last week they were just delicious. In fact they are making me hungry again looking at them!

I always thought, (due to so many people telling me i think), that the big crust on these traditional pasties originated from the time when miners would eat them and their hands being covered in dirt, they could hold onto the crust while eating the pasty and then discard the crust. A nice story! . I learn’t recently this probably wasn’t true as these delicious things were gobbled up from one end to the other (including the crust), just how I ate mine !