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Beautiful and Poetic handmade creations: Scalaë

Mobile Baleine de Scalaë

This week, we received the beautiful new pieces from Scalaë, so what better time to introduce you to this beautiful French designer.

Scalaë was created by Laëtitia, in Marseille, the South of France. At first, Laëtitia was only creating small pieces and childrens accessories for herself and sharing the results on her blog. Her creations however did not go unnoticed and quite soon, many people wanted her to design something for them too ! Laëtitia began creating new pieces, not only for herself, but for all her friends that love handmade creations too !

Her favourite theme? Animals! In the charming collections of Scalaë, you will  be able to find birds such as cockatoos, swans, parrots, peacocks . You will also find a mama whale with her baby as a beutiful handmade room mobile.

At French Blossom, we love Laëtitia’s creations that bring a touch of originality to a childrens bedroom or a babies nursery. These beautiful creations are certain to add a touch of poetry and dreaminess to any decoration.

My personal favourite? Gaspard, the peacock handmade mobile that has been made exclusively for us. Coming in pink or blue, this little bird is just stunning with its long feathery tail. We love the association of soft cream white with bright colours that will surely brighten up any room you choose to display it in!

But Gaspard is not the only exclusivity you will find on our online shop, Nino the cockatoo is also one of a kind. With its warm expression, this sleepy cockatoo is perfect to help lulling your child to sleep while adding pastel softness to the room.

If you are more of an aquatic person however, you will probably be more appealed by the superb whale mobile. Showcasing a mother whale and its baby, this mobile will look lovely in a baby nursery and their peaceful expression will surely help little babies to sleep soundly.

Love these beautiful handmade pieces? Then do not hesitate any longer.  –  Discover all these pretty creations on our website: Scalaë – French Blossom!

Nino le Cacatoès blanc de Scalaë

Peacock Mobile Scalae

Nino the white cockatoo

Peacock Mobile Pink and blue

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Sketch Inc – original handmade jewellery

Brooches Set Sketch Inc

Origami Bird Brooch

Sometimes it can be really challenging to find pieces of jewellery that are both original and refined. During endless hours of searching, if you are like me, you may have asked  yourself questions like – “is it fun without being too childish?” or “is it refined without being too classical?”.

Well, here at French Blossom we know the brand that might be just perfect for you: Sketch Inc. Created by Becky Kemp in 2011, Sketch Inc started life in her little studio in the South-East of England.

Entirely handmade, all her creations start on her sketchbook. Becky has always loved sketching and painting ideas as the start of the design process. Her style is a combination between Nordic design and Japanese illustration, two things that have always inspired her.

Becky creates a variety of  products from fun coat hooks, wooden doll characters, plus really adorable greeting cards… We really love are her brooches! Whether being colourful or black and white, made of metal or wood, they will undoubtedly stand out from other brooches thanks to their originality.

Discover the adorable magical unicorn that will please every little girl (and even grown-ups). The soft colours and the golden touch make it easy to match with any outfit so you can take this brooch everywhere with you and stand out from the croud!

We also fell for the lovely panda brooch and its geometrical print. The black, white and gold colours make this graphic brooch feel so modern and stylish. !

If you are a bit curious about Sketch Inc brooches, discover our selection right there – Sketch Inc French Blossom !

Unicorn Brooch

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

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Top 5 handmade brooches from Macon & Lesquoy

5.  The lobster brooch is a real cracker !  Bright orange in colour, the brooch is handmade and will add a super detail to any outfit for men or women.  Measuring 6cm in length and 4 cm in width the lobster brooch comes in its own black presentation box.  Love his funny little white eyes.

designer handmade brooch lobster - Macon and Lesquoy


4.  Everyone should have a mustache brooch !  A great little accessory, the golden coloured embroidery with black trim edge will look good on a t shirt or smart suit.  Measuring 3.5cm in width and 1.5cm in height the mustache brooch is small but a lot of fun !

moustache brooch perfect accessory for any outfit, designed in Paris

3. I have seen many heart brooches but none in this original style.  The working of the heart have been cleverly detailed with hand embroidery and stitching to create this powerful piece.  Bright red in colour, the brooch looks great against a darker piece of clothing.  The handmade brooch comes in a presentation box and measures 4.5cm in height x 3.5cm in width.

heart shaped brooch, handmade gift idea for women

2.  The large feather is my second favourite brooch from the collection by Macon and Lesquoy.  Stylish and chic, the beautiful detailing on this large brooch makes it a great choice for almost any outfit.  The silver embroidery has been broken up with delicate touches of blue and yellow.
The feather brooch measures 10.5cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

feather brooch for women Macon and Lesquoy
Handmade feather brooch - original gift idea for women

1.  My number 1 brooch and persona favourite  has to be the large silver coloured cloud !  The swirling hand embroidery within the body of the cloud is so poetic and detailed.  At the centre of each spiral is a small silver sequin !  The embroidered raindrops gently hang down from the body of the cloud on thin black thread.
This handmade brooch measures 5cm wide and 4.5cm in height.

handmade cloud brooch designed in France
cloud brooch -original jewelry idea for women


We really fell for these gorgeous hand embroidered brooches designed by Macon & Lesquoy.  Delicately made with love and care, each brooch is unique and colourful !  Attach them to a suit or stylish outfit, wear them on a casual t shirt or jumper, the brooches will become a super fun detail for any outfit.  Their originality really makes them stand out !  The brooches can be worn by men and women and make a brilliant gift idea as each comes in a stylish black presentation box.

For this little blog post, I decided to share my top 5 brooches from the collection !  It wasn’t easy to choose my favourite as I love so many of them.

1. The cloud and rain drops handmade brooch
2. Large feather handmade brooch
3. Handmade heart brooch
4. Handmade mustache brooch
5. Lobster brooch handmade

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Handmade in France – beautifully scented candles

Handmade candles from France -Kerzon
candles from France handmade by Kerzon
handmade candles - original gift idea from France

Designed in Paris and handmade in France, the candles from Kerzon are one of our favourite new additions to the French Blossom boutique.

Lovingly made with vegetable and mineral wax and respecting the environment each candle measures 7.5cm in diameter and 9cm in height with a burning life of around 45 hours.

I could write long descriptions about these fantastic candles but unfortunately words simply cannot do justice to how wonderful they smell.  The small family team behind the brand have carefully mixed and blended delicate scents to bring the subtle notes and layers of gentle fragrance.

The Paris parks series of three candles is such a great idea.  Drawing inspiration from the famous Parisian parks such as Tuileries, the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, three candles each with their own distinct and original scent have been created.

The Jardin de Luxembourg candle is lilac and honey, the Parc des Buttes Chamont is a blend of Ceder wood and Sandalwood, while the Tuileries Palais Royal candle smell of soft hyacinth.

Kerzon have cleverly taken the pale green colour reminiscent of the colour used on all the seats and furniture in the french parks and used this colour for the glass container of the candles.

As well as the Parisian parks candle series we have a wonderful musk and Jasmine candle and an amber and Spices candle to choose from.  Both again are very distinctive in their aroma !  The designer believes the musk and jasmine will evoke images of lying in the shade of a pine forest with a gentle stream flowing nearby. The Amber and spices candle  is certain to generate warm and colourful memories of travels to the Mediterranean.

All the candles from Kerzon are packaged in a clear hard container and make a truly wonderful gift idea for candle lovers and also for those who love handmade, quality products that respect the environment.

In each candle box there is a complementary scented sachet.  These sachets will smell the same as each candle and can be placed in a wardrobe, drawer or even suitcase to freshen clothes.
kerzon vegetable wax and mineral wax candle gift ideas handmade

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Handmade French baby clothes – LOUP

designer french fashion for kids -LOUP
French baby clothes, designer clothing for babies at French Blossom
pretty baby skirt designed and handmade in France
designer baby leggings handmade in France
We are so excited to present the wonderful Loup Collection (The first collection from the Parisian Designer) !

Designed and made in France, the clothing is beautifully soft and poetic.  We just added the collection to the boutique and  outside of the creators website, French Blossom is the only place online you can find the collection.

The pale delicate colours and sweet detailing make this baby clothing so desirable and original.  Juliette designs and creates all the pieces at her Parisian studios.  We just fell for this collection straight away.
The designer has picked two delicate prints that feature throughout the collection !  Pineapples as in the T-Shirt at the top and a fine pale green leaf pattern that appears in pieces such as the Fuli baby skirt and the super soft baby leggings – Meli.

Something for the mums !  Loup has also come up with some vibrant and very unique make up bags / clutch bags for women.  The colourful, strong patterns really caught our eye !

Discover the collection at French Blossom  LOUP COLLECTION

Little Cloud…………………

Not so long ago, Claire who is the designer behind the lovely brand ‘Little Cloud’ got in touch with us ! Claire began sewing at the age of 5 and as she explained her first project was to sew a cape onto her favourite teddybear !

Claire’s love of sewing and creating has grown from strength to strength over the years.  Then in 2012, using vintage prints and soft liberty fabrics, the brand ‘Little Cloud‘ was born.

We really love the poetic rabbits, clouds and little square cushions.  They will add a wonderful touch of unique detailing to a babies nursery or childrens bedroom !  They are perfect for those searching for an original present for newborns.  We even have one of the mobiles hanging in our office. The little raindrops that hang below the cloud, twist and turn.  Gold in colour, they shimmer in the sun light !  If you are a fan of handmade cushions and sewing, these cushions are not to be missed !

Come and discover more vintage cushions and decorative cushions at the boutique – French Blossom cushions

La belle Mèche………………………………..

So we finally decided to go for the Figue and Rhubarb scented candle from ‘La Belle Meche’ ! It wasnt easy deciding which candle to go for as there are 12 original and inspiring scents to choose from.

Each candle is made from 100% vegetable wax and is MADE IN FRANCE – (handmade in the South of France and that is why they are a bit expensive ! I decided to treat myself though ).  Each candle will burn for up to 50 hours and our Figue and Rhubarbe candle has brought a wonderfully light and delicate fragrance to our living room.

When the candle has finished burning the outer glass casing can be reused as a drinking glass – Love to reuse and recycle !

Now I am looking back at La Belle Mèche website as I write this blog post, I think if I buy another candle in the future I would go for the Peppery Ceder wood  scent !

Have a look at the lovely La belle Mèche boutique to see more lovely candles from France !

T.T.T 4- To Try Thursday

It’s Halloween next week!

At French Blossom we love fancy dress costumes, magic potions , haunted houses and candies!
Why not take advantage of the weekend to prepare the event with your family and try painting pumpkins instead of carving them !

We recently stumbled upon this fun and original DIY Pumpkin painting project at Ciera Design’s blog. – By the way Ciera’s blog is bursting with creative inspiration and certainly worth following !

Children can choose the colour, design and style and then let their imaginations run wild creating super stylish and fun Halloween pumpkins!

Image source

Beautiful, limited edition wall decoration for children………..

We are delighted to showcase the poetic illustrations from French Designer ‘My Lovely Thing‘ at French Blossom.   Light, delicate and so original these wall posters and greeting cards are a really beautiful.

Each wall poster has been printed on a creamy coloured, textured paper and is part of a limited edition.  There are only 100 each of these prints in existence and the artist has signed and numbered each print individually.  If you are looking for an original gift for a baby or something special to decorate your children’s bedroom, then look no further, these wall posters are just perfect !   The artist has broken up the fine delicate lines of the illustrations with soft pastel touches of colour and each illustration is so different from the next –  It is so hard to choose a favourite.

The posters measure 42 cm x 29cm while the postcards are 15cm x 10 cm and come packed in a clear sachet with an envelope.

Have a look at these wall posters and postcards in greater detail at the French Blossom boutique – My lovely Thing

T.T.T. 3 To Try Thursday……………….

For this Thursdays (TTT To Try Thursday) we just love this message in and egg idea . Everyone hasl heard about messages in a bottle but imagine receiving a little brightly painted egg in the post, crack it open and reveal a secret message for someone who cares !  We really love this idea and need to give it a try !

We found this on Pinterest -original article Poppytalk