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L’Infuseur Paris: not your typical herbal tea

Complete Herbal Tea Set

Many people see herbal tea as a beverage for older people, with no real taste and that doesn’t exactly bring much pleasure. As a tea drinker myself, I tend to think the same.

Well, how wrong was I and here is the brand that made me rethink everything about herbal tea: L’Infuseur Paris. This young French brand breaks every code about herbal tea, and it does it with style and refinement.

This brand was created by Céline and fellow herbal tea lovers that helped her. Tired of this image of grand-mother, medicinal or plain beverage, they wanted to create something amazing, something beautiful, something modern that would change the image that traditionally follows herbal tea.

L’Infuseur makes you forget the negative clichés about this type of beverage and turns it into an elegant and modern drink that reconciles pleasure and benefits for your health. Made with only the best ingredients, this brand offers you high quality tea, with subtle yet original and delicious tastes.

Let’s take the Delight Infusion for instance. You will definitely be charmed by its amazing spiced scent and the ingenious blend of flowers and fruit that compose it. Looking for something simpler to drink after a copious diner? Then you should pick the Digestive Infusion. Its blend of aromatic herbs is sure to dowonders when your stomach is unsettled.

Or maybe something to make your whole body (and mind) feel better? Then let yourself be surrounded by the sweet scent of the Dé-Tox fruit-based herbal tea. Here at French Blossom, we love its amazing smell and wonderful taste that is not only good for your taste buds but also for your health and mood.

To enjoy these treats putut your kettle on and turn it off just a few seconds before the water is actually boiling. One spoon of tea should be enough to appreciate a mug of these amazing flavours. You’ll then have to let it brew for 4 to 5 minute depending on how strong you want your tea. And tadah! Now the only thing left to do is enjoying a warm cup of tea.

And we shouldn’t forget the small detail that makes the difference: the beautiful packaging in navy blue that’ll make you want to leave this herbal tea box on your kitchen counter for everyone to see!

Want to give these herbal teas a try? You can find them on our online shop right there: L’Infuseur Paris – French Blossom!

Detox Infusion - Herbal Tea

Digestive Infusion - Herbal Tea

Delight Infusion - Herbal Tea


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Nobodinoz Tipis have arrived !

Arizona Tipis Black Ambiance

Arizona Tipi Blue Yellow and Pink

Today, I have the great pleasure to announce  the beautiful tipis by the Spanish brand Nobodinoz have finally arrived at French Blossom

We were really excited to receive these little Indian huts for children and now here they are! Measuring 1.50m and available in a variety of colours, these tipis can be a beautiful decorative item as well as the best playground ever for your little ones so they can imagine having great adventures in the far west, fending off mean cowboys.

These tipis can be placed outside (if the sun is out) as well as inside. Whether in the living room or in the bedroom, they will certainly bring some originality to your interior decoration thanks to the lovely patterns created by Nobodinoz. In blue, black, green or pink, with zig zags, scales or little sparks, you will surely find one pattern that can match the furniture and decorative items you already have in place.

Easy and quick to assemble, we especially love the vintage feel they give off as well as the dash of colour and originality they bring into the room. As for myself, I really like the tipi with the green and black sparks pattern. I love the association of white, black and green that can match numerous decors, whether it be for a little girl’s or a little boy’s room!

And for even more comfort, you can add the Apache large rug under you tipi. Made specifically to match the tents diameter, the rug can turn a tipi from awesome hideout to secret place to take an afternoon snooze!

Wait no more and discover our selection of Nobodinoz tipis and the matching rugs online: Nobodinoz !

Arizona Tipi Pink Diamond Inside

Arizona Tipi Black Without Cushions

Apache Large Rugs Multicolored


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Cluse Watches: minimalist timepieces for women

Black Watches Boheme and Minuit

You might have often read articles in our blog about designer childrens fashion, decoration or even cosmetics for babies and children.  But what about grown-ups some would ask? Well today, for a change we will not be talking about kids fashion ! – It will be about women. Without further a due, let’s introduce our new favourite brand of the Women Corner: Cluse Watches!

This Dutch company founded in 2013 and creates womens watches !  Their philosophy is that beauty can be found is the simplest things so they design elegant, minimalist timepieces. They like to think that their watches will be a perfect match for people who are grounded, sophisticated and true to themselves. And we think so too !

More than just practical objects that provide you with time, these watches are a beautiful fashion accessory that becomes more and more a jewel that completes any look you choose to wear. Cluse did understand that quite quickly and created a range of simple and refined pieces that we love!

Here at French Blossom, we love the full black “La Roche” watch, made with real marble. Each piece is thus unique and we admire that sophisticated feeling that it gives off. Perfect to accessorize an evening look, it can also add a touch of originality to your working outfit and amaze all you colleagues.

As for the other designs? They will complete any look you like. Whether you’re going for casual, professional or smart, you will find one watch that will match your style. The hardest part will be to choose your colour : in pink, camel, black or grey, which one will it be?

Sparkly or mat, a soft or dark colour, metallic or leather bracelet… You will definitely find one piece that you will like in their collection. Our team at the French Blossom offices certainly did!

Find our selection of watches at our boutique: Cluse Watches

Gold Mesh Watch

La Roche Full Black Marble Watch

Pink Watch

Cluse Grey Watch

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Tropicool Ambiance with Goodnight Light’s pineapple lamps

Pineapple Lamp Set

If you like the Tropicool trend, you will definitely love these great pineapple lamps made by Goodnight Light.  Yesterday we had some fun in the office and took pictures of the lamps in all sorts of settings to share with you here at the blog!

The pineapple lamps certainly are poetic and stylish with a touch of vintage. Available in many colours, they can fit numerous decoration styles and are ideal as a gift idea for adults as well as children !

The lamps are perfect for children as they do not heat up and can help you create a warm glowing ambiance in their rooms at night.  The LED light bulbs are really economic and the fact they are handmade make them super original.

Why not turn the lamps into simple sculptures ?   You only have to remove the power cable! Measuring 32 cm in height and being fairly light weight, you can put them anywhere you wish! On a shelf, on a dresser, on a night table.

If you want to find out more about these amazing pineapple lamps, take a look at the in greater detail online at the shop : Goodnight Lights !

Pineapple lamp and Varanassi carpet

Gold, Bronze & Silver Pineapple Lamps


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Mood Board for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your other half?
Worry no more ! At French Blossom we have thought about this special day and have up with some great ideas that we hope you will love. Here are our favourites:

If you are feeling poetic, the lovely notebooks from Les Editions du Paon are a match for you. The beautiful covers in soft colours and the original yet refined patterns make them the perfect place to write what you feel like about the one you love. Not only will they make great poem collections, they can also be used as travel diaries, secret recipe keepers or simply note recorders.

Now, how about creating a nice atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day dinner with a candle? The ones created by Kerzon smell heavenly and will surround you and your loved one with a cloud of Jasmin and musk, a perfect mix between floral and earthy smells. The soft glow they have when lit will set a romantic mood that can be easily improved with a bit of background music. Bonus: this candle comes with a scented sachet with the same perfume so your drawers can smell nice too.

If elegance is what you are looking for, then the superb minimalist jewels created by Titlee are your solution. They will undoubtedly fit every morphology and their golden colour will make every women shine (with happiness). Sophisticated and refined, these jewels can be worn with many fashion styles, for a special event or for the every-day life.

If you are looking for something your loved ones can wear, then these brooches created by Macon & Lesquoy are just great !  Entirely handmade, they are actually embroidered which makes each piece unique. Rest assured that no one else will have them around the lucky receiver, which makes it even better.

And why not add a card with your gift? Cinq Mai has a wide range of lovely designs and colours on which you will be able to write a message just for him or her. From a simple heart to a heartfelt message, you will certainly find a card perfect for you.

Find all these lovely items and much more at the boutique – French Blossom

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Unsightly Yoga balls, fear not !

How many of you have bought a yoga ball, used it for a little while and then left it in the corner of the room, using it only from time to time? Hands up! My hand is up because i did just that.  With lots of good intentions, I bought one of these yoga balls, it was blue in colour and not matching anything in the home but this was for fitness and health so colour wasn’t priority – plus the only other colours in the shop were bright pink or neon yellow, so blue it was!

For the first few months, I used this yoga ball regularly to help stretching and a niggling back problem.  However, looking at this great big blue yoga ball in the corner of my room  did eventually get too much for me and I let the air down and the ball is packed away in a cupboard somewhere now. – Good news is, I did soon after join a gym! (These yoga balls also never stay where you put them.  Place them in a corner and they will inevitably roll all over the room, knocking things over.  Anyone who has had one of these yoga balls will know exactly what i mean.  No one in the shop told me it would be imperative to have one of those stands like they have in gyms for these balls.

If only I had known about these great yoga ball covers, (above) (a collaboration between ‘Page Thirty Three’ and  Texan Artist Magda Sayeg), I think my yoga ball would still take pride of place in the house.  I wrote about ‘Page Thirty Three’ Design agency in an older post but had to share with you this idea, the ‘Knitted yoga ball’.  – The way they have converted a boring yoga ball into a piece of art, a sculptural piece is such a great idea.  You can still use the ball for yoga purposes, or as a seat or even let it roll around the home, but it will roll around looking stylish!