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Relaxing Sunday………………………..

We took a couple of photos today as we decided to have a relaxing Sunday, drinking tea and doing a little gardening ! Its nearly October but so many of the flowers are still in full flower which makes everything feel so much brighter when you look outside.  The Japanese Acer tree is a bright red now and is looking really lovely.

You probably know by now that we are fans of Pinterest and other social media platforms here at French Blossom but one of our favourite ways to share photos in a really quick and fun manner is through our Instagram profile.  I have to be honest, it is Meriem who is using this more than me and it is a really great way to quickly share photos and using nice filters and effects.

The two photographs above were taken using Instagram and can be found at our Instagram account.  – FRENCH BLOSSOM INSTAGRAM Come and follow us here if you like and see what is happening behind the scenes at French Blossom, new arrivals we receive plus much more !

Have a great Sunday !

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Happy Friday…………………………..

Happy Friday everyone, another week has flown by and the Weekend is here.  Yippee !  We were at the beach last weekend and might go to Paris this weekend.  Any exciting plans anyone ?

Love this photo I found on pinterest.  It looks like this dad and his son are having a lot of fun!

You can find us on Pinterest too.

Gabriele Galimberti – 'Toy Stories' Photography…………………..

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti is from Arezzo in Italy.  His work has been published in magazines and newspapers around the world.  Not so long ago he completed an 18 month trip around the world where he engaged in a series of photographic projects.  One of these projects was entitled ‘Toy Stories’ and showed children from all over the world with their favourite toy or toys.  Gabriele expalins how he learnt so much about what toys mean to children and how the toys really reflect the world into which each child is born.  Read more about the Toy Story photoghaphical project here.

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Happy Weekend Everyone !

I love this photo, and the quote is quite true wouldn’t you agree ?!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


☼ Time for an ice cream ! ☼

It’s getting hot in here ! Our thermometer is showing 29° in our office ! Time to finish the week with a nice cold ice cream ! Have a great weekend everyone !

Red, yellow, orange. The colours of the leaves are beautiful………

Love this new broach that I added to my winter cardigan yesterday. – A fallen leaf makes the perfect broach for a day!

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Mamazelle Photography…………………

We just love the photography from Mamazelle photography. We discovered their website not so long ago. ‘Mamazelle Photographie’ are located in Montpellier, in the South of France.

I’m sure you would agree, their photos are just beautiful! They have to be one of my favourite pregnancy and children photographers in France.

Source of photos

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Autumn 2011 here already?……………….

autumn leaves, autumn in france

Technically speaking we are still in summer here in France but looking out of the window today and thinking back over the last few days – (where the winds have blown and rain has been heavy), its hard to believe. Apparently Autumn officially starts around the third week in September so I hope we can have some more sun before then.

We found this autumn looking leaf yesterday. It has some pretty amazing colours wouldn’t you agree?

Eiffel Tower Lightening, Paris……………….

eiffel tower, paris, lightening

I have been to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower several times and the views across the city are remarkable. I am really happy however i was not up the tower when the lightening struck in this photo. Photographer Bertrand Kulik shot this once in a lifetime photo last year and it recently appeared in a French magazine. I discovered the photo in the Telegraph newspaper.

Its such a powerful image we had to share it with you on our french blossom blog.