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Back from a lovely week in the Cotswolds………………

Just got back from a lovely weeks vacation in England and Wales !

We spent several warm summer days enjoying the picturesque Cotswolds in the South West of England.  I took the above photo in one of the quaint little villages we stopped at to explore.

This lovely little cottage could easily be straight from a children’s fairy tale, with its perfect thatched roof, immaculately maintained garden and big stone dog sculpture, guarding the front door!  The soft yellow colour of the walls is a distinctive feature of all the building in the Cotswolds!

I hope, over the next week or so to write a few more posts about our summer break in the Cotswolds.  – We took so many photos and saw some really lovely places we would love to share with you.   Cotswolds (part I) coming soon…………..

My weekend dream break…………..

I could easily spend some lazy summer evenings out on this terrasse! All I need now, is to save enough money to actually do it !

Have a look at their website here.

We are back from a Moroccan wedding….

We have not posted on the blog for a few days as we were away for a wedding in Morocco. What a fantastic country and amazing celebrations they have for their weddings. The beautiful dresses, the music the foods and the atmosphere is very special, rich in culture and tradition. We were only there for 4 days and in the end went to two weddings and i think had about 5 hours sleep. The weddings in Morocco start quite late and continue in to the early hours dancing and with traditional music being played.

Guests arrive at about 9 or 10 in the evening and the wedding begins shortly after. The atmosphere is electric. The bride is carried in on a raised platform held by several men. Everyone gathers around dancing clapping…. Moroccan drums are and other instruments are played people are singing and everyone is very happy. The evening continues with a lot more dancing, wonderful food and rich tradition where for example everyone is offered a date and milk to celebrate the special day.

After the many courses of wonderful foods, we were up again and continued dancing until the next morning…

I did enjoy my Moroccan wedding experience is so different to any other wedding I have been to or am likely to ever go to!!

La Grande Oust………………..

La grande Ouest, immerse yourself in nature

Recently I stumbled across a flyer advertising ‘La Grande Oust’.

About an hour from Nantes in the West of France and in an area known as Pays de Vilaine you will find a really wonderful place to relax and remove yourself from the often hectic rush of daily life. La Grande Oust accommodation really is in harmony with its surroundings and its natural environment. The tent lodges are built on wooden stilt platforms. All the wood for construction comes from the local area, power for lighting and hot water comes from solar energy panels. Cars are not allowed onto the site. All you will hear are the trees and birds! A lovely place to spend a relaxing weekend in Summer!

Photo source

Beautiful Bordeaux…….

The last few days were spent in Bordeaux, a beautiful city in the South West of France. Celebrated throughout the world as the wine capital, Bordeaux offers much more than just wine! The historical parts of the city are a UNESCO World heritage site and the architecture and harmonious urban design is striking.

You can spend days getting lost, wandering through the beautiful old cobbled streets, discovering the restaurants, cafes, open squares, markets and the many delightful charms the city has to offer. We did over indulge on delicious French cuisine and some great wine!!

As well as exploring the city on foot and by tram we spent a great deal of time with creators and designers that we hope to work with in ‘Curious and’. Their stories and inspirations were very interesting and capped off a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Bordeaux!

Highly recommend a trip to Bordeaux!