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Fresh and Minimalist style with Rylee and Cru

Apple Seeds Red Blouse Bloomer

Peaches Jumpsuit

Try not to fall in love with the new collection of Rylee and Cru !  One of our favourite new clothing designers for babies and children at French Blossom.

The light colours and poetic prints  will make you think about watercolour paintings. With every piece hand dyed, these beautiful garments for babies and children are made with simple flowing lines and soft fabrics, guaranteeing comfort for your child this summer !

Kelli Murray, the designer behind this delicate universe, mixes delightful illustrations with  vintage forms to create garments for babies and children up to 5 years.

This season, the collection focuses on  fruits and sweets ! We love the light and delicate apple seed patterns, simple yet fresh.  Peaches, strawberries and watermelon slices cover jumpsuits, tops and blouses. And for those with a real sweet tooth? You will certainly like the licorice, ice cream and popsicle designs.

As for the colours, soft pinks and fresh blues mix with beautiful creams and apricots. Timeless colours that send us back to childhood in a dreamy and soft way.

Curious about Rylee and Cru? Discover their poetic new collection : Rylee and Cru

Popsicle Tank Top

Watermelon Jumpsuit

Strawberry Pants

Liquorice Dress

Pink Apple Seed Large Top

Strawberry Onesie

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