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New In: Naïf, Natural Baby Skincare Products

Naif Complete Product Range

These days, more and more skincare products for babies flood the market so we can’t help wonder which one is really good for your baby? Which one combines efficiency, respects  your baby’s skin and also smells nice?

At French Blossom, we found one brand that matches all these criteria. Its name? Naïf. This young cosmetics brand for babies made it its mission to offer natural products that won’t hurt your little one’s delicate skin.

Naïf was created when two friends found out they were going to be fathers. They started to be concerned for the welfare of their future children and started reading label after label, realizing how difficult it is to find the perfect baby skincare products.

From here they decided to create a range of baby skincare products for which each and every name on the labels would be pronounceable and not confusing to users. And because nature is  best, they use cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil as the main ingredients.

We like the adorable and funny packaging designs used by Naïf that offers a refreshing perspective where they see the adult world through children’s eyes. Bright colours and great drawings are one thing that makes their products stand out from the others.

We also love the delicate smell of these creams, lotions and shampoos.

Our favourite product has to be the protecting baby sunscreen because it is fairly rare to find one specially made for babies, and it is even rarer to find one made with natural ingredients! This cream is perfect to go on a walk when it is sunny outside without having to worry too much about your baby’s delicate skin!

Find the complete range of Naïf products on our website: Naïf – French Blossom!

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