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Sketch Inc – original handmade jewellery

Brooches Set Sketch Inc

Origami Bird Brooch

Sometimes it can be really challenging to find pieces of jewellery that are both original and refined. During endless hours of searching, if you are like me, you may have asked  yourself questions like – “is it fun without being too childish?” or “is it refined without being too classical?”.

Well, here at French Blossom we know the brand that might be just perfect for you: Sketch Inc. Created by Becky Kemp in 2011, Sketch Inc started life in her little studio in the South-East of England.

Entirely handmade, all her creations start on her sketchbook. Becky has always loved sketching and painting ideas as the start of the design process. Her style is a combination between Nordic design and Japanese illustration, two things that have always inspired her.

Becky creates a variety of  products from fun coat hooks, wooden doll characters, plus really adorable greeting cards… We really love are her brooches! Whether being colourful or black and white, made of metal or wood, they will undoubtedly stand out from other brooches thanks to their originality.

Discover the adorable magical unicorn that will please every little girl (and even grown-ups). The soft colours and the golden touch make it easy to match with any outfit so you can take this brooch everywhere with you and stand out from the croud!

We also fell for the lovely panda brooch and its geometrical print. The black, white and gold colours make this graphic brooch feel so modern and stylish. !

If you are a bit curious about Sketch Inc brooches, discover our selection right there – Sketch Inc French Blossom !

Unicorn Brooch

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

Discover the lovely panda brooch designed by Sketch Inc!

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